• Friends Who Hold Us Back

    Sometimes, maybe more than often many of our friends have nothing going for themselves and they tend to hold us back. Please keep in mind, you have the power to save your own life. Choose wisely. Life begins when one steps outside of their comfort zone. In this case, there’s no need to be a… Continue Reading

  • No Need To Look Away

    (The scene fades in on a mans smile) No need to look away. Those multiple gestures are so confusing. I just won’t bother you today. Is it or could it be an energy thing? Maybe you’re nervous or scared of rejection. Wait let me guess. You’re shy. Keep in mind deception works both ways. No… Continue Reading

  • Katt Leya: El Reina

    Hurricane Matthew brought the thunder, ice and rain. – The wind blew hard banging against Katalina’s window pane. – Katt Leya: El Reina  – Up upon a pink perch behind a velvet rope sits a beautiful free flower. – Nothing is more precious than a Sterling Silver Rose forever glowing, shining, and untouched by the… Continue Reading

  • Kill Zone 12: Savages of The Night

    (A blurred camera lens focuses on Ned the wino staggering towards the middle of the street clutching his favorite bottle of Thunderbird which is held tightly against his chest, and wrapped inside a brown paper bag. Ned’s eyes are squinted, blinded by the helicopters light as he looks up into the sky. The scene is pathetic and… Continue Reading

  • Kill Switch

    When that scary, dramatic dark and cloudy overcast that threatens rain can be seen from a distance. The out of order sign placed on the elevator door. That creepy walk up a lonely flight of steps with a half drunk girlfriend who falls and breaks a nail. Just when the sun hides behind a mysterious clouds which… Continue Reading

  • A Mind Storm

    A mind storm that Lead to a form Of mental soft porn A Mind Storm I like her lips Her toes And the way Her face glows She won’t Look at me The same way she Looks at him The love in her eye Made me realize He has something, special If I was his… Continue Reading

  • My Life’s Journey

    From Kings & Queens to cooks that clean. She makes it, then bakes it, nursing and raising little one’s to capture a dream. Yes we can. That’s the plan.  We can even run faster than the gingerbread man. My Life’s Journey – I know how you want it to be You want the story to… Continue Reading

  • The Unwanted Guest

    How am I suppose to feel The Unwanted Guest It’s okay you don’t have to speak. We only protect you, your children And your personal belongings While you sleep Time to adapt to change Things will never be the same I’m very sorry you feel The way that you do It tends to make me… Continue Reading

  • A Black and Blue Desert

     Man Down A Black and Blue Desert – I know it’s hard With the sun shining In your face but fight it Open you eyes See what’s in front Of your face People shouldn’t have to Live in fear and in disgrace Men in Black Men in Blue The world is watching What are you going… Continue Reading

  • Masking the Layers

    When the covers come off and the reality is revealed. Masking the Layers Foundation masking Nobody asking A pound of flesh – A snip here A tuck there The visual lie Her hidden agenda – Covering the wounds Never changing the sheets Masking the layers Another way to cheat – When she took off her… Continue Reading

  • Her Autonomy

    What is the most important part of the tree? Between Male and Female who best represents the tree? Her Autonomy Stand up and salute thee Her anatomy paves Way of her autonomy She is like the root of any tree Kept underground, hidden and unseen Separate the root from the tree and the tree dies… Continue Reading

  • An Island Storm of Short Cuts

    When an Island storm of short cuts bring about short cut results. An Island Storm of Short Cuts Beware of the person who’s in your life watching their biological clock, want children and to be married. This person may truly not want you but desire the idea of being married with children and you will… Continue Reading

  • A Boy & His Island

    I was a boy on an island yet to be a man. A Boy & His Island Being young and living in Manhattan on an Island connected to a city that never sleeps is an adventure and an experience many dream about but only a few will share their tale. All my family and friends… Continue Reading

  • Slow Burn

    When your wife leaves you for another woman Slow Burn When loves candle catches fire When you’re no longer desired That gut-wrenching Empty and lost feeling Before the embarrassment After the abandonment How one person’s head spin From the mental and emotional anguish The shameless wheeling The sneaky dealing The sickening feeling Minus the healing… Continue Reading

  • The Pleasure of Playing Chess

     A teacher of life. The Pleasure of Playing Chess How strong the Queen’s position is compared to every other piece on the board. How broad of a stroke; maneuvering across the globe like no other.  How important women are to the world. (Looking at her differently) How the pleasure of playing chess can be enlightening. How… Continue Reading

  • Your Gift Is Special

    The cancer of racism imbrue our national character. It taints our moral fabric consciousness. It stains the spirit of the soul. It’s a spot. A shameful greasy spot across the face of humanity.   Know your worth… Your Gift Is Special   Whenever a noun Person Place or Thing Doesn’t appreciate All that you bring… Continue Reading

  • Her Hostage List

    What is this foolishness? Her Hostage List Friday’s fallout Created an eviction notice Due to a argument that went south Closing of the Candy Shop Sweet tooth decay Enforced with a padlock In search of a new tenant starting in May – “Room 4 Rent” Locks changed Hostage list discovered List of demands The knock on the… Continue Reading

  • Be The Change

    Life begins when one steps outside of our comfort zone. Be The Change   Accept the present Never forget Forgive the past Take responsibility Make an impression that will last Nothing stands still Life’s a continuous motion A cycle full with reward Touch someone and make a difference That’s truly paying it forward Be the… Continue Reading

  • The Man I Never Was

    When another man fills your shoes… The Man I Never Was The definition of manhood escaped me The spirit of her word never touched thee Too many women to mention or to name Far too much to remember without having some sort of shame All the pain that I’ve caused Could’ve been prevented Big head,… Continue Reading

  • The Numbness Of Hurt

    When the air escapes your lungs… The Numbness Of Hurt A key without a lock Searching for a purpose A door missing it’s nob The emptiness of being uncertain   The young devour one another Cards of life bend as they’re dealt Some are luckier than others Old heads carrying coffins without a belt  … Continue Reading

  • Betrayal

    When a bulletproof vest is not enough… Betrayal   That stinging feeling Knife piercing skin A friend to nobody Where does one begin Her discovered check Frenemy revealed A Queen’s betrayal The King of heart’s broken appeal.   Harlem,   Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

  • Harlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

    New York City the garden where princess cut diamonds are discovered and beautiful sterling silver roses are grown.  From the mean streets of the Bronx to the concrete swamps of East New York and the overall total package of the NYC Iron Jungle experience.  Harlem Crush respectively focus its lens to take a look at Brooklyn’s own,… Continue Reading

  • What Does A Kiss Mean To You?

     Kissing is very important and a must have in my life for that special loved one.  It’s not complicated.  A kiss is a particular affection expressed.  What Does A Kiss Mean To You? A kiss is sweeter than anybodies Hersey’s Chocolate.  It plays a major part in romancing the stone.  Kissing is not a lost… Continue Reading

  • My Office Boo

      It was suppose to be about two mature people having lunch while understanding and respecting their current situation. But they later find themselves knee deep in some awkward and epic shit.    My Office Boo How ordering breakfast led to tipping the bartender after downing tequila shots and devouring hot wings during Happy Hour at… Continue Reading

  • He Raped Me

    Across the globe her story is told, shared and experienced for the world to know. No arrest has been made. They steal, laugh and brag conducting their evil crusade. She’s left alone to pick up the pieces of her life. Some how, some way, one day someone will call her, his wife… But not today.  He Raped… Continue Reading

  • A Star On Christmas Day

    It’s Christmas.  Outside the temperature is 73 degrees. The sky is clear but their’s nobody home to hold, to keep near and to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Despite the sun shinning bright it still feel cold as the winter breeze smells stale and the day seems so very old. Oh, the fuss about the… Continue Reading

  • FaceTime Bling

    The turmoil, the pain and suffering of a long distance relationship with strings attached. When a boy is considered being thirsty.  Maybe he’s actually being a man.  FaceTime Bling https://itunes.apple.com/us/post/idsa.76f47263-76c3-11e5-ad28-8822e79f57de Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Video  FaceTime Bling (Drake’s “Hotline Bling” plays in the background) Spaced out and in a trance, Brutha reflects, relates and jots down his… Continue Reading

  • Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

    You’re only as positive as the people you reach and teach.  Life boils down to the “Choices” we make along with those we fail to take. Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist As the seeds of his actions come to harvest, Brutha falls asleep with headphones in ear, listening to a select playlist of trap music while… Continue Reading

  • The Boom-Boom Effect

    His picture captured her attention but it was his words that obtained her arousal. Lady stood in the background deep within the shadows of the room finally mustering enough courage to let him know that the boom-boom effect exists.  The Boom-Boom Effect On the 1st night she greeted him at the door wearing a wife… Continue Reading

  • Soaking Wet

    At the tender age of four she was molested, raped and held captive for four days. During that time her stepfather taught her how to ride the pony and showed her rodeo tricks while balancing her on his third leg. He taught her how to hold her breath and how to breathe through her nose.… Continue Reading

  • LeBron James: The Resuscitator

    The Cav’s look scary.  Should LBJ bring a title to Cleveland not only would this become an historic event for a dead city he would then have nothing more to prove by staying, LeBron James would then be considered, in chess terms, a “Knight” for hire. LeBron James: The Resuscitator  LeBron James: The Liberator of Dead and lost Cities.… Continue Reading

  • A Moment Of Pain…

    A moment of pain is a lifetime of glory.  A Moment Of Pain Brutha didn’t realize the impact of this quote until he thought about what it took to lose the 60lbs that was needed. This may have saved and extended his life.  It also allowed a light bulb to register, which symbolized the pain and the… Continue Reading

  • The Meaning Of Life…

    The Meaning Of Life The meaning of life is to discover your gift. The purpose of life is to never keep it to yourself but to share your gift with the world.  Your life should be filled with meaning and full of purpose which serves as inspiration for all that witness your blessing.  Those that… Continue Reading

  • A Dream Deferred

    What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over– like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode? by Langston Hughes Can… Continue Reading

  • The Winner Is…

     So what my lips are like soup coolers.  They get the job done.  I haven’t any complaints either. Hey, I’m a good guy and far from being a dog of a man on any level.  Life is complicated enough don’t you think?  The Winner Is… I just like to have my options open before making the wrong decision.  I don’t… Continue Reading

  • Champagne Poppin

    Honey is talented, fearless, passionate about the world and her art.  Champagne Poppin However, Brutha can’t forget how he met sistah.  She was on the outside looking in.  He had made his moves and living working in the music industry.  During the past few years Brutha is no longer apart of the industry, relocated to Atlanta and has placed his… Continue Reading

  • Girl He’s Fine

    When lust gets the best of her after discovering how long the line is at the Kandi Shop. How eye candy can be full of poison which blurs the vision leaving false hope and a fine child. One should study the ingredients and watch their sugar intake before feeding it to their soul. Girl He’s Fine… Continue Reading

  • Half In The Bag

    He was already half in the bag when I tripped over him laying, spreaded out across the kitchen floor with a bottle of Brass Monkey wrapped in a brown paper bag sticking out his back pocket of his favorite faded blue jeans. (Come to think about it he only owned one pair). He was mumbling… Continue Reading

  • Shame & Remorse

    The memories of a shameless lost that left a black eye and the remorseful pain that was felt is all I have which allow me to look back, discover the growth and remember a time I cherished the most. Sometimes, playing it smart may be the end of a new beginning before it starts.  – Shame &… Continue Reading

  • A Recipe For Failure

    When our poor choices has us playing the victim instead of reflecting and making a change. – A Recipe For Failure – Harlan’s golden hair blew in the air. He lived against the grain and didn’t abide by any man rules but his own. His smile was soft and angelic. He had a sexy smooth swag about… Continue Reading

  • The Choice Is Yours

    I’ve left an open letter taped upon your door. I’m praying it finds you in good spirits, not thrown away onto the floor and ignored.  – The Choice Is Yours – So, you’re grown now and nobody can tell you what to do. People can only suggest. You’re sweet like the scent of morning rain. People complement… Continue Reading

  • Cockeyed Junior

    His name was cockeyed Junior. He lived in Nebraska out in the woods on a farm where things didn’t grow. The animals were frighten by him, even the pigs. He had this absurd crazy off-centered and drunken look about himself. He chewed on a stick of straw all day and all night like a horse until… Continue Reading

  • An Impressive Gathering & Collection

    An Impressive Gathering & Collection – Police and military’s impressive presences. A beautiful array of flowers. No one’s collection is greater. One splendid display of unity. People from all walks of life participated. Liturgy forms of ritual ceremonial services. You would marvel at the powerful priceless sight of its magnificence. – Harlem, Heaven is at the… Continue Reading