A Boy & His Island


I was a boy on an island yet to be a man.

A Boy On A Island1A Boy & His Island

Being young and living in Manhattan on an Island connected to a city that never sleeps is an adventure and an experience many dream about but only a few will share their tale.

All my family and friends are there. I never imagine, losing my job and my marriage after 11 years to eventually leave New York for a new perspective on life.

To boldly step outside of my comfort zone from under the streetlights away from the food, the people, the electric, the flashing lights, the glitz, the glamour of the Big Apple and move to Atlanta, the south, the unknown was a 180 degree of a change. I’ve never been here before.

To live in a state without employment, without friends or family was like standing on an Island looking out to sea for a ship that’s not going to arrive. I would not be denied success. That Island up north nourished and prepared me for my new experience and for all that would be expected to find in the wilderness of a southern state.

God and the universe has a plan and she will never let you down. God is not going to get you to your destination safely and later abandon you. Especially, if you’ve identified the gift that’s within you.  Your gift, your talent is special.

Always, know your worth because that new person is searching for you. Your new career is waiting and that new home has your name attached to it. You can never be replaced.  I was a boy existing on an island yet to be a man and today I can proudly say, God has her plan.

Her Sun today is living and has become a man.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




MiracleChallenge Week 8

MiracleChallenge # 4







12 comments on “A Boy & His Island”

    1. Bless you and your kind words. I appreciate you. I left disappointed and ashamed. I was a dog with it’s tail between my legs running for the hills. It was the lost of my job that hurt the most. Working in the music department for 5 years opened my eyes and where I discovered my nitche. Transferring to the News department shaped and molded me as a tape editor. It was something about having to explain my departure from work to my community. The lives I’ve touched. The global programming that was lost. I had to do something because mentally I was a wreck.

      In short, I’m a firm believer of when your talent and all that you bring to the table is not valued or appreciated then one should take their talent elsewhere and make a difference. Never let a noun, a person, place or thing undervalue all that you bring. Pour yourself into others you don’t know. This is truly paying it forward. Never keep it to yourself. Simply pass it on.

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      1. Sounds to me like a lot of lessons were learned. I read some of your posts I can see you’re a believer in the Universe and that there is always a plan for you, so stay true to that belief and everything happens for a reason. This is what I am learning more and more each day. Marriage/relationship breakdown is sad, but you know what sometimes it is the making of you. Real talk there!

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      2. Well said… All experiences are necessary for continued growth. Learning is constant. The teacher will forever be a student. Pain allows me to express myself openly. Hoping others can relate. Letting them know they are not alone.

        When I read your post I was able to feel the sun on my skin and see my own feet while in the water. You allowed me to taste the food you mentioned. I currently hear the music playing in the background. I can almost see the Carnival.

        Your words touched me which is not easily done.

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      3. I love the weather here in Atlanta and the affordable cost of living. The people here are more friendly. Some of the people here are a little slow but that everywhere. I will never visit snow. Atlanta is different and strange. I feel safer here compared the NYC. The Southern poor bring a whole new meaning to “kicking rocks”.

        However, I will never get use to getting hit on by men. In Atlanta the men are considered suspect until proven otherwise. Homie don’t play the one sided outlook so I reverse it and tell the woman they are too. lol. Women do a better job at masking it except for the ones that are trying to look like me. .


  1. Hey Harlem ! This is beautifully written story. I liked the way you told the story and his family. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for participating and congrats for completing challenge no.4 😀

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