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Forbidden Fruit

The American Pit Bull; a man made breed purposely grafted for aggression. By nature, it’s a Frankenstein of dogs and most feared within the dog kingdom. How do people and the media view this breed of species? Walk with me beloved… Forbidden Fruit As entire cultures have been removed from the face of the earth…

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A Glimmer Of Hope

Girlfriend brought a whole new meaning to “We Sick” to the doctors office.  When she sneezed it was I who caught the cold.  Needless to say, I was left standing, freezing in the North Dakota wind holding the ole carrot from a memory of what could have been.  As a child, I didn’t understand.  Now I

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This is fo the bitch azz muthaphucka that had the audacity to call the next nicca askin questions about a Brutha and their girl.  Questions like.  What you be callin fo?  Why you be textin her, though?  What’s goin on wit you and my girl?  Listen up lil bitch, I’m only gonna say it once.  Anytime you

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