Girl He’s Fine


When lust gets the best of her after discovering how long the line is at the Kandi Shop. How eye candy can be full of poison which blurs the vision leaving false hope and a fine child. One should study the ingredients and watch their sugar intake before feeding it to their soul.

  • Harlem Heavy Hitters

Girl He’s Fine

Yes, I am trifling but it sure feels good lying up in your bed while you are at work, smokin a blunt. Lol, and who’s the fool? I am full of potential which only means; nothing is happening right now and I am trying to get with you cause you got it going on.

That’s right you know me I’m that fine brutha and I live at home with my mother. I have my own ride but she pays for the insurance. I drive mom-dukes car when mine is out of gas or in the shop. I eat her food and I run up her cable bill, electric, gas and phone bill but you know how I do.  I got dat prepaid though. Call me after 9pm you heard?  I’ll pay her back as soon as I can scrape up the money, maybe. No worries babe.

But I’m sayin though so what if I like to play video games I work hard all day chatting online and watchin booty twerks gone wild on I’m on your buddy list. I.M. me. I’m that guy you can’t wait to show me off to your friends. Little that you know I will sleep with them as soon as you turn your back or start acting funny. Trust me that’s my word. Holla at your boy, Ma! I am the catch of the day and you would be a fool to throw me away. Muah! I love you boo. Listen, I don’t know nothing about any lip-gloss and I don’t be drivin no other girl in your ride. You need to stop hangin out with your no man having, hot dog water smelling friend, Keisha. Can I get the keys real quick?

Did I mention that I don’t pay rent cause I am saving up for some rims and some brand new pair of tims. I did mention my kids? Yeah baby I got those but don’t worry cause you’ll never see them. You know me and I will be staying forever with the baby momma drama, so you will understand why I don’t have any money to take you out. You know,  child support babes. Lol, I would if I could. I can’t believe they even take out money when you’re on unemployment, but you’ll still love me anyway, won’t you? It’s just me and you boo against the world. Together we’re gonna get thru dis. I’m fine, handsome and you have to deal with my ish because the line is long to get at my love, and guess what, I know it. Hey a relationship is 50/50 not 100/100 cause I gotta hold back 50 just in case you be actin funny. (Cloud bubble to self… Neva give a chick your last especially if she steps out of pocket).

Harlem Heavy Hitters

Girl He’s Fine

Hey Ma! How you doing? I’m that guy you love to fall in love with and hate to lose, just because I look good and I throw it down very well in da bedroom. I may not bring much to the table but I know you will jump over 10 good men to get at me. I’ll jump over two flat chested no butt having sorry to be you type of women for some double D’s and a big ole fruitylicous bubble butt.  A dude has to live babe. Look ma no hands. Did I mention that I’m tall and muscular, that’s right, You know me I got that good hair, good skin and we are going to make some fine babies. Did I mention I have a deep dimple and that I got crazy waves fo days? Yep, we are going to have fun making those babies too. I’m that no good for nothing, nevea havin ish, bouncing from women to women type of guy. Leaving you with nothing but a Public Assistance check. Buy me some cigarettes babe? My unemployment check is a little late. Well at least let me hold your EBT card.  Oh, I will be sleeping over for the night but I have to be out before the sun comes up. You know how I do boo; job interview babe and I know you will understand. Hey, tomorrow we can take your car and go to the movies. I got you on the popcorn.

One more thing my mother be trippin and she wants me to move out so I am looking for someone to replace her, i mean someone to fill in and know their roll, play their position, stay in their lane and always over communicate. I need someone with a better attitude; one that will not sweat me for every little thing. I need a chick that will let me do me; you know watch the game, have fight parties and come home when I come home. No surprises, that will only get you canceled (Nino Brown Style).

Girl He's Fine

Girl He’s Fine

If this is your man then you deserve everything you get. You should want more. Do you want your son to grow to be this poor excuse of a man? Do you wish this type of man on your precious daughter? Why are you with him? Break the cycle my sweet.  Look in the mirror and make the adjustments. The choice is yours.

If you are this man then you are not a man and it’s not aight. If this is not you then I am sure you know this dude. He is part of the reason why she is the way that she is, doing it all on her own. She represents the F.T. Cubes of the world. Full time parent, full time job/career and full time student. “Man She’s Fine” To think about it there are women that fit this build as well.

Girl He’s Fine


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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    1. I guess that’s why this post has been the most share on my site. I think many can relate if not know a person that fits the bill. Thanks for taking the time to read it. As always, I appreciate you Kim.

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