Harlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

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New York City, the garden of dreams where princess cut diamonds are discovered and beautiful sterling silver roses are grown.  From the mean streets of the Bronx to the concrete swamps of East New York and the overall total package of the NYC Iron Jungle experience.  Harlem Crush respectively focus its lens to take a look at Brooklyn’s own, Queen Katie.

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

Out of darkness all things came into being; the atom before Eve’s Eden.  And then Goddess said, “Let there be light”. Her light shined brightly on Sunday before Monday was born and suddenly she appeared.

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

“It doesn’t take all day to notice sunshine”

When I think of her thoughts transform into reality.  The very sight of her sunset cracks a smile upon her horizon. At day break, her back drop of the world becomes a jaw dropping experience to be remembered forever. From a single image an entire blog was drafted, formed, created and published.

Discover the hidden treasure of the world.

A gift from above assuring continued life.

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

Behold, the light from her sunshine is meant to keep us warm and for all things to grow.  

I can feel her heat and draw from the warmth of its nourishment. From the top of my head across my entire body her blessings ignite an electrical impulse which can be felt across my skin,  particularly from the black coils of my nappy/wavy hair weaving down through my netted threaded strands spiraling deep down into the woven fabric fibers comprising my DNA. The blueprint of her design is then produced. She’s the tapestry of forgotten cultures, race and customs which play an intricate role to our existence.  Our artistic characteristics are twisted yet link a common bond that is responsible for my attraction.

Katt Leya: Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

You’d have to see it for yourself to believe it.  Many wonder. However, to some a still image doesn’t capture her thunder without including sound and motion. The power of intuition and the notion. When that little voice within takes over. I found myself drawn to her image based on a smile which led to a writer’s inspiration. My guiding angel.  My moment of truth from a still picture. Her beauty will make one’s heart stop and start all over again.

Harlem Fetish: Fresh LookHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

Every now and again the sun shines and makes an appearance at night.

If you’ve ever seen her in motion it will leave you wanting more. Breathtaking she is.  Just ask her teddy. She has that sexy feminine walk “down pat”. She has this particular style about herself and a smile that insanely instantly lights up a room. Katt’s vibe is crazy sexy, smooth, fun spirited and happy. Respectfully tasteful and rebelliously gorgeous. An apt Queen of a metaphor.

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

How one image conveys its essence more effectively than a brief description.

The curse and the blessing of being beautiful… If I’d owned a restaurant her name would be on its menu as an entrée. Dessert is not an option but a requirement. They haven’t discovered the words to describe her beauty. In my opinion one should remain still, staring without blinking, as time seemingly move slow just to make sure nothing had been missed.

The hurt before the actual pain.

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

How an image defines the depth of an individual. 

She has an embarrassing way of making my bump go up on demand.  No pay per view can capture nor compare to her offering.  I have to admit I’ve been watching her for awhile.  And I can’t get over her smiling style which captivates me.  Every now and again I wonder what she’s doing. I was reluctant to like her picture but couldn’t resist tapping the heart button. (Cloud bubble to self… I should be able to press the like button more than once.) I dropped her a message in her inbox not expecting a reply fully knowing roaming fingers, scrolling eyes bodyguard Picasso’s Vanguard. The mirrors throughout her duplex witness her reflection as it depicts a story revealing an image which is consistent of what the naked eye behold. From the Den, to the bedroom, backing into the walk-in closet then to the bathroom which leads to the kitchen and onto the living room; her image remains the same.

Still beauty…

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

How one image is worth more than a thousand words.

So here’s my 1,427.

She is simply throw up both my hands type of fine and I’m pretty sure she knows it.

The person who acquires her attention and her love is truly blessed.

Her discovered truth and the passion behind the sparkle of her light.

Leya commands the power of speaking things into existence. Life’s purpose as it unfolds to her.

Living in her space of her truth represented by her gift of light and life.

Harlem Crush: Katt LeyaHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

How a portrait depicts a story without one word spoken and dispels the notion of all fear.

To characterize or to describe in words will only fail to illustrate my particular point of view.

When you see “The Queen” walking it should make you proud. From the swing of her hips to the shine of her teeth to the smile in her eyes to the flow of her hair the need of her care is desired by many.

The fuss and the fight for her attention is something to gaze upon and to marvel as “The Queen” sits on her throne, overseeing and weathering the storm. It takes a special eye to see and to unfold her inner mystery.

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

 “Pink isn’t a color it’s a thing” Katt

My mind is racing as my heart skips a few beats. Thoughts quickly evaporate. Brain cells multiply, split then change its form reshaping a new tomorrow. When I look at her she resembles the first day of summer in a southern state along with what spring time means to a flower budding for the very first time.   She’s more than a heartbeat. She’s something else, someone far more greater.

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

She has it… That,”Still Beauty”.  The “It” factor. That stupid for cupid crazy look; amazingly drop dead gorgeous deciding factor leaving others frustrated and shook. Still beauty stops the world even if it’s for only a moment as time surrenders all of its prisoners. Each camera has been set to its corrective settings. All lenses are fixed in their position focused and mounted. No matter the time code on the timeline all clips are set to render. Every freeze frame picture,  frame by frame and every second within the frame her beauty is captured and her image remains the same. It’s not a hard sell that she makes the editors final cut. For the Queen wakes up camera ready.

Still Beauty: Katt LeyaHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

The Queen Pin: El Jefe

Queen capo sits at the head of her table conducting business with her vato.

The Queen, a mans dream and understandably every uncomfortable woman’s nightmare.

Some stop and stare. People are either going to hate or they’re going to congratulate.

There’s no middle ground.

Respect the golden rule or play the fool.

 Stay in your lane, play your position and know when to fall back when a Queen is present.

Still Beauty: Katt LeyaHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

To explore her most sensitive areas.  The goal is to leave her speechless and fumbling for words.

Man, I just love her luscious lips.

I sign in every night to see them.

They’re something hard to resist.

One can only imagine what they are like to kiss. To explore and to seduce the sweet nape of Leya’s neck. Producing goose bump city. A soothing kiss of the small of her back. The light licking and sucking of her forehead, fingers, nipples and ears. The wet tongue drive-by of her clitoris and the point of no return. My pupils dilated my mind is fixed. Muah! Sadly, she doesn’t know I exist.

Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

The calm before and after the storm.

And then there was life…

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Harlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

Harlem Crush Part 1: Still BeautyHarlem Crush Part 1: Still Beauty

How a woman becomes a complex combination of many things.

Fallout or Ballout but do close your mouth

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