The Boom-Boom Effect

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His picture captured her attention but it was his words that obtained her arousal. Lady stood in the background deep within the shadows of the room finally mustering enough courage to let him know that the boom-boom effect exists.

The Boom-Boom Effect

 The Boom-Boom Effect

On the 1st night she greeted him at the door wearing a wife beater, panties and high heels. She knew he loved that kind of shyt right der. She said she’d been waiting all night and hope that he would accept her invitation for their affair.

Lady’s lips full & moist, perfectly deliciously painted. Her breast bulging out and ready to be devoured. They matched her firm cups, which runneth over, overflowing, and spilling out forming a deep crevice of a river to drink from, fo days. They must be filled with carnation milk and they stood at attention without any support just the way he liked and imagined them to be. They’re more than a handful, thirst quenching, mouth watering, breath taking and succulent to a point they get extra attention before the exploration and tour to any other part of her devastating and magnificent heaven sent body.

If she entered a wet t-shirt contest it would be no contest. She wins hands up and hands down. With no cottage cheese on her menu this tornado full figured fug stick shorty displayed smooth skin. Her butter soft and Jell-O like breast so full he gets extra excited and ultra piping hard just by viewing them, an erection that throbs painfully.

The boomThe Boom-Boom Effect

“It’s rare for me to get hard on sight. When a woman turns me on this way I know she’s the one that will bring out the very best of me. When you find a woman like that you gotta hold on to her tight.” Mr. said. This woman is really working me. Mr. thought to himself. “I’m gonna make her scream as I go deeper and put her to sleep cause this kind of loving I want keep her all to myself and I don’t need to go nowhere else”.

On the 2nd night she opened the door and greeted him in a very sexy silk-laced lingerie with red bottom stilettos. Now the stilettos insinuates her calf muscles, which increase the arch in her back erecting her bubblelicious, just sit it on my face why don’t you, neva stop eatin and lickin, baby phat, apple bottom booty. “Whew!”

The Boom-Boom EffectThe Boom-Boom Effect

Her saddle was hand made from God itself. Mother nature may have even co-signed her release from above. One could bounce a silver dollar off her behind and it would bounce right back the way in which it came. A picture perfect backside that smiled at you-you know that onion type that makes a nicca face all ugly frownin up like, Damn! In short, her onion roll is well defined.

While making love to her it’s best not to look down at it in fear of be-cuming prematurely. Sometimes while inside of her, in this way, Mr. has to think of something else before that tingling sensation begins to creep up and spring forth. (Breath home-boy, breath). You know that toe curling effect leaving a nicca half dead rolled up in a ball. No doubt! Her love making ranks #1 with little effort on her part, should she ever make it clap he’s done for the evening and it’s good night, thumb in mouth, rubbin his ear type of sleep mode.

Ultimately on the 3rd night she killed it sporting braids with a see through nightie, which was a crazy turn on for him. “Braids turn me on.” Mr. said. Her tantalizing perfume aroma made her neck and body a satisfying entrée to nibble on before the main course. No introduction was needed to gain access into her entrance. He was already eagerly waiting with full anticipation of his right of entry. Her admittance appetizer was filling enough. Greedy and hungry for her love she inducted him into her walls of flames.

The Boom-Boom EffectThe Boom-Boom Effect

“Baby Gurl, place your legs behind my neck cause I want you to feel all of me.” This Brooklyn Brown Bombshell Beauty is toxic and explosive by nature detonating Mr.’s heart making him weak and finding her hard to resist. “What are you doing to me? Just take all my money why don’t cha” He cried. The Brown “Boom-Boom” Bombshell whom is far from being Spanish yet spicy & hot just the same said to Mr. “All I want is your time and your passion for me, poppi. I’ll do the rest. Keep penetrating me mentally the way you do and stimulate my entire body until my walls collapse.”

That’s all Mr. had to hear he surrendered himself to her and grabbed a handful of her braids and gently pulled them back to expose her neck. He kissed, sucked and licked every inch of her body, from head to toe returning to her naval. He enjoyed dragging her from one edge of the bed to the next. Role playing and performing an improvisation from a movie scene between her sweet water legs, turning her over oh so ever gently and placing his tongue up, down, in, out and all around the crack of her pretty brown round.

The Boom-Boom EffectThe Boom-Boom Effect

Leaving her with 3 installments. The 1st one was an inauguration. The 2nd was the official welcoming reception, as the 3rd was simply an investment down payment on the future. What better woman to breath and sleep next to? He thought. Only good runs through her veins.

This woman makes him lose control. He’s lost in her inner and outer beauty and he’s catching feelings and feels he’s too ole to have butterflies. “She has me contemplating on striping for her. I pray she doesn’t break my heart. If she does I know I’ll feel like I’ve just walked out of heaven. I’ll never make a promise ever again to another if I lose her love.” He said. Should you ever have to leave please can we make love just one more time before you go? Can I just feel on your booty just one last time? Can I kiss it just one last time before you say goodbye? My first love fo real fo real in a very long time. You know anyone who had a heart would truly never leave. You are where I want to be.

Lady whispered in Mr.’s ear saying “I’m in this for the long haul and I don’t plan on going nowhere, baby. Just relax, lay back cause I think I just may want this a little more than you do.”

Mr. may not know what’s after life past the sky but he does know that God has a plan.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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