A Moment Of Pain…

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A moment of pain is a lifetime of glory.

Love A Moment Of Pain

Brutha didn’t realize the impact of this quote until he thought about what it took to lose the 60lbs that was needed. This may have saved and extended his life.  It also allowed a light bulb to register, which symbolized the pain and the glory of his divorce; The death of a family.

This quote resonated after Brutha’s death of a family and later realized that they were better off without him.  Who says that? Who admits to something like that? Who?

The unmarried father who wanted to be necessary and serve a purpose in someone’s life. That’s who. The individual that is quick to blame himself to avoid further complications due to the other party unavailability to properly defend themselves.

It’s that moment of pain, when what a person bring to the table is no-longer of value or simply is not enough. The healing begins when you take your talent, your offering, elsewhere (make an impact) and be appreciated. In short, simply make a difference in someone’s life. Touch them.  Change them forever. People are strange enough. We all know the saying, out of sight out of mind. How quick one is to forget, so slow to remember who was there when others turned away and gave them thier backside to kiss.

Lifes PurposeA Moment Of Glory

To survive a divorce, bankruptcy, unemployment and to relocate was a painful price to pay for Brutha, yet an uplifting experience during a trying and difficult time in his life; stepping out of his comfort zone. Discovering late in life how life truly doesn’t begin until one dares to venture outside of their comfort zone.

It could be anything that breaks the heart and splits the soul to the core such as betrayal or a failed relationship.  The unfortunate pain will eventually pave a way for a brand new beginning. The politics of life are necessary for continued growth.

To be in debt, to start fresh with a second chance is rewarding, humbling and an insightful experience. To be homeless and unemployed then to gain employment leading to a roof over your head can be spiritually uplifting. Relocating to a strange land, to escape to allow time to nurture old wounds for new roots and flowers to spring forth is a story all within itself.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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