The Concept of The Construct

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How it’s so important to understand and see the concept of the construct.

The Concept of The Construct

The Concept of The Construct

The meaning of the first three letters of the word, “Concept” is very important to understand. The “con” is a particular belief or belief system. It is used primarily to persuade a particular outlook.

To build, to create. The construct is a tool, an object like a television or building. It projects the concept forming a particular reality. Normally it will present/project itself visually or through audio, sometimes both. It all play a part of the mental and social programming used by a master editor/producer. Whether it’s right or wrong the goal is to articulate and convey a particular point of view. 

The Concept of The Construct

The Concept of The Construct

A television is a medium or platform used. It projects, as an offering, the programming concept, produced.
It’s a particular point of view which manipulates or influence the viewer (The Participants). It can also be used to articulate a particular way of life.

History is proof of an ideological construct. The world we live in is a concept, controlled and constructed by, the powerful, whom project and master manipulate their particular “con” better known as a point of view or way of life, upon the world.



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