My Life’s Journey

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From Kings & Queens to cooks that clean. She makes it, then bakes it, nursing and raising little one’s to capture a dream. Yes we can. That’s the plan.  We can even run faster than the gingerbread man.

my journey2My Life’s Journey

I know how you want it to be
You want the story to be funny

Short, happy and sweet
You wish to sing, laugh so you can

Stomp or pat your feet

Not today
Not from me 

I intend

To make a blind man see

One like
Two likes

Maybe even three

This is my life’s journey 

Come walk with me

Mother raped

Father raped

Sister raped

Lil Brother sold

For this is what I was told

Not going to sugar coat it

Nor decode it

because it’s real in da field

From Willie Lynch

To Masa’s bench

To the Masonary of D.C.

To Black Wall Street

Don’t run, hangout, follow me

Lights flashing

Heart poundin’ in ones mouth

The sound of sirens ring

A red state in the south

Tightly holdin’ of the stirring wheel

Grip firmly held as they pass

We finally breathe after holding our breath

Two others faced down in the grass

Thank God it’s not me, today

That’s what most of us would say

my journey1

My Life’s Journey

No worries

I’ll keep it light

I know you’re easily to fright

You don’t have to like
What I write
I’m not here to be polite
Nor to make you feel more comfortable
In your own skin
Now where should I begin

It’s not for you
To approve
Or disapprove
Nor to say
What’s appropriate


No need to Cram to understand

Just a journey of man’s family from another land


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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