Out Of Africa

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All religious subjects are important and all political subjects are important because all of them need to be appraised in the light of reality. Because we have not faced reality cause we as a people live in a world of fantasy. Once we face reality and use religions properly, and once we understand how they are used by other people and once we separate spirituality from religions and understand that from out of our spirituality came the worlds religions and that we have become naïve and let people take from us the basis, the elements, they make religions and come back and sell them to us.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Once we understand that and we had a much better version of the same religions before their formal creation then once we recover from the shock of discovering that we had something better than what was sold to us; rehashed from our elements, then we can go back and take the great spirituality we had and move with it and once we understand what we were and where we are we will understand where we have to be and where we still have to go.

We are still thinking minority when we where never a minority but we are letting minority people fool us into thinking minority and we are literally being controlled by minorities who endear themselves to other minority by demonstrating their ability to control us. They control us by manipulating images through politics, religion and the mass media.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

I will admit that this is a delicate and dangerous subject. As religion is a delicate and dangerous subject it is even more delicate and dangerous when you’re talking to people of African decent. Because where religion is concerned (Black people) we are a purest people we are the true believers we out Pope the Pope and out Mohammad-Mohammad. We believe in things in its purest form and we actually believe things are exactly the way they say it is suppose to be.

We have a humanity that actually makes us believe that people believe in democracy and the inventors of it don’t believe in it and we had democracy before they think they invented it and when they invented a fake version of it and sell it to us we accept the fake version and neglect the genuine democracy that we have been living all along. Not only democracy but humanity. We have had a historical fascination for ideas from the outside and this has become our trap.We have not studied those people who sell us fake trinkets, fake ideas, fake government forms and rehash our religions that we invent in the first place.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

All of the elements that went into the making of Judaism, Christianity and Islam came out of Africa. You have to distinguish between the elements and the formal organization of the religions themselves. The religions began to decline when outsiders/foreigners took over those elements, organized them for their own political purpose, gave them a name and began to project them to the world for their political purpose. Then the outsider created a religion but he forgot the African substance and the African substance was Spiritually, because if you have spiritually you can use anyone of them or none of them, because the African spiritually encompassed the essence of all of them, the European has religion but he doesn’t have spiritually.

Then you must study and understand the difference between Islam and Arabism. This is something difficult for Black people to understand. The Arab did to Islam what the European did to Christianity. He subtracted the spirituality and made it a political instrument for his opportunism. But when it came over to the African the African accepted the spiritual aspect of it and forgot that to the Arab it was then and still is a political game and the spiritual aspect left him very early. He was then and still is now playing a game and that the spiritual aspect never touched him.

Death Mask

Out Of Africa

It was the African who used this religion spiritually and it was the Arab that uses it politically. It is the African side of Islam that has use it for spirituality and it was the African side alone that has used it as a rallying cry for social reform and revolutionary change.

The Arab & European are similar there intents are to come to power and to use the religion as an instruments of power. Now, I believe that religion are to be instruments of spiritual and moral uplift.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Let us look at Africa on the eve of the rise of Islam. Religions rise and are created & grow within a vacuum. A condition has to be created for religions to rise. What was the vacuum? How did it create? Who created it? What was the condition of Africa in western Asia called the Middle East on the eve on the rise of Islam?

If Islam rose in the 600’s A.D., what was happening in the 600 A.D? The Roman Empire was falling apart. The Roman Empire had been falling apart militarily since 450 A.D. 450 A.D., a bunch of German Thugs called Vandals moved down and hit the Roman Empire. Now the Romans had propaganda out that the Roman was an invisible militarily, and a lot of people believed this it’s just that the Vandals didn’t read the propaganda & could not read anyway. They did not know that if you hit a Roman you were suppose to fall dead. You see they just hit the Romans in such a way that the Romans never recovered & they added a word to the language.

Vandalism; destroy everything. They warded on men because they had a wife and children, because they’re too stable. They resented everything. Then they moved over into Spain and started a fight with the Goths and the Visigoths. Only the people who read Roman propaganda continue to believe the nonsense, but the Roman would coast along time. Now, the Romans have already made a mess of the management of Christianity because now the fight between the Byzantine’s and the regular Romans continue. When the Romans (if you understand what I am saying right now maybe you’ll start straighten out some current things) stop killing Christians & became Christians they wanted to take over the apparatus of Christianity from the Africans who was managing it while they were killing Christians.

madonna and child

Out of Africa

Hey, when the European takes over anything he wants to control all of it, not a part of it. Now if some backward people called Black Leftist understood this they would realize that if they help the white left into power, the white left would do them in. Now, I am not less of a Socialist, because I’m saying this, but I am more of an African Nationalist and a Pan Africanist because I am saying this, because I take my Socialist from African Social Living and not Karl Marks. You see I take mine straight from the originator’s of it who originated it before the first European whore a shoe or lived in a house that had a window. So I know there is nothing new about it the Africans had it all along. I go to the original instead of the carbon copies created in Europe. There are a lot of Africans today that do not know this, once the Romans became Christians they accepted it as a political apparatus but the spirituality of it eluted them completely.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Where are they now in history? The conference at nicem has already occurred, several conferences. That’s behind, 100 yrs or more the Roman out of their weakness, and you must separate the political empire from the holy empire. The political Roman Empire is dead. When the political empire started to weaken they began to have African Emperor’s, the most colorful being Septimius Severusone of the last being Caracalla or Caraius (I could be wrong about the spelling). Septimius Severus is noted of being the governor of Europe after being Emperor of Rome. He was from the political Roman Empire. Now the Holy Roman Empire has had at this point African Popes. There were 3, Augustine, & Cyprian (I think) and Tertullian.

Tertullian being a noted one and he would not be that popular today because he was one that said “Vanity, vanity thou name is woman”. St. Augustine is another & gave the church its writings (the greatest writer of the church) and gave it its beginning. The Bishop of Hippo is another, my main point here is the African contribution to the church has been made. When St. Augustine looked back at what the European have done to Christianity and the Nicem conference made him laugh. He said that these people did not understand Christianity.

The fight between the Byzantines & Roman over the dominance of the church had literally wrecked the church and this mismanagement & disenchantment would cause a camel boy (Now because you can’t read does not mean that you are without wisdom or stupid, most of the people of that time period could not read) began to talk to other camel boys and finally he began to rise up in his profession. He was working for his uncle in the trades, in the caravan trade for the masters.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

He married a rich widow who secured for him 2 Ethiopian tutors that the Islamic encyclopedia called slaves, which is incorrect. Zaid is the 3rd & Bilal is the first I am at a lost of the 2nd name of the converts whom aided the prophet. Anybody can help at this point? Now this is the condition the corruption of Christianity had reached a point for failing to find reform – to get reform. He began to send letters to the different heads of state asking them to accept the new faith and some of them laughed at them but the Emperor of China take it seriously and it did not seem to bother him. Moving forward quickly now Bilal went with Mohammed almost everywhere as Mohammed was looking for someone to call the faithful to prayer. Bilal became the first Muslim to call the faithful to prayer. Bilal was Mohammed steward, mase carrier & general  all around man. Bilal had the sweetest voice & made out of it a great art form. Even to this day if you go to Senegal & listen to the faithful being called to prayer it is a concert piece. Listen to a Arab country sing it, it sounds like a bad bird singing of tone. To this day they cannot pull it off. What I am saying is the beauty of that song the African infuse a spiritual beauty to it that you will not find anywhere in the world.

Some countries may record an Africans voice to acquire the spirit but that’s how he gets it. My Grandfather told me that in Libya, a predominantly Arab country, when the 5 prayers is called on time is where you do see a degree of people moving toward the Mosque to say prayer. In most Arab counties the traffic keeps moving. In Senegal a predominantly African country, when it comes time for prayer the traffic stops. Poppa said, “You can be having a baby but the traffic stop. My point is whether I believe in it or not it is just so beautiful in seeing so many black people doing something in unison. Right or wrong is of no significance, no significance. Just seeing them doing something together is a thing of joy. You notice one thing in general the men and women are closer together in African country than in Arab countries.

At a time and because they were desert people when a woman had a girl – when a woman had 2 girls if the woman had a 3rd girl they either got rid of her or put it to death. Woman protested this & he defended their right to keep the children, in as much of the prophet defended their right to keep their children. One wonder why & how over the years systematically Islam became predominantly a male chauvinistic religion. Here you have to separate Islam from Arabism. Maybe it was something about the desert & maybe it was the belief that women needed protection, but very few women rose to high position in the Arab side of the religion. I can name a woman head of state on the black side of it and not only head of state but rode in the head of her army in the battlefield of the 1500’s, Queen Amina of Zaria. She is one of the great queens of Africa.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

Sun of Ra…


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