Champagne Poppin

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Honey is talented, fearless, passionate about the world and her art. 


Champagne Poppin

However, Brutha can’t forget how he met sistah.  She was on the outside looking in.  He had made his moves and living working in the music industry.  During the past few years Brutha is no longer apart of the industry, relocated to Atlanta and has placed his past far behind him.

Honey moved from the north to the south, met and moved in with a country bumpkin she didn’t get to properly know and is now currently unhappy.  She fell for bullshit that was severed to her mainly because it sounded so good and she was in between a rock and a hard place.


Champagne Poppin

Her girlfriend plans to check out online dating sites and asked Honey to tag along.  Honey Bea played this game before but thought she would give it another try; game for the conversation and mental stimulation what was lacking at home, amonst other things.

Bea expressed that nobody tries to holla at her when she gets dressed and goes out and often wondered why.  The conversation between Brutha and Bea is always stimulating.  They have a very nice family vibe when together.  Due to her situation Brutha offered her some dyck hoping to relieve and balance her stress at home but unfortunately she didn’t jump on it.  Humm.


Champagne Poppin

The Break Down:

Brutha’s conversation / communication skills are above average and crazy interesting.  However, my friend Bea doesn’t want your dyck because possibly she had it before.  Brutha is currently no longer interesting to her in that way.  It’s quite possible his dyck game wasn’t as good as it should have been; unable to persuade or change her mind.  If it was good or even if his tongue game was smooth enough she probably would have reconsidered his offer. He wondered to himself how many others have fallen this way as well.


Champagne Poppin

Nope Bea has moved on and has plans to take her Honey elsewhere.  She’s more interested in checking out what the world has to offer and all she can possibly subtract from it.  Meaning, new dyck and a new beginning which doesn’t include Brutha.  He’s been reshuffled and placed on a shelf, in the friend zone with no ice or possiblity for parole. Too bad so sad, Bea didn’t inform him that’s the least she could have done, right friend?


Champagne Poppin

An in-depth look:

Baby is on a mission.  She is trying to break into the modeling business.  She told Brutha, her quest is not about sex but thinks she will start meeting people of interest within the entertainment business that will notice her and begin to holla.  In the past, she was trying to become a massage therapist within the entertainment industry servicing artist and athletes.

Let’s break that fly shyt down:

Honey Bea signs up for online dating sites, it’s not about sex and she’s has her license for massage therapy.  Modeling and meeting people such as ballers, shot callers, guest and fans of the business has become her main focus and interest.

Honey ain’t tryin to give Brutha any play.  She’s not beating down his door nor is she blowing up his phone.  Brutha can’t remember the last time she gave him a massage but can recall hearing a story about her giving a roommate a massage and had gotten flak by her bumpkin over it.  Brutha, had his chance and now she’s tumble weed in the wind, wild, wild, west style.


Champagne Poppin

First and far most, online dating sites lead to having sex.  It’s called hookin up.  Nicca’s in the entertainment industry is all about sex, first.  Nicca’s also look at models as sex objects not rocket scientist.  Dudes in the fashion industry are either, gay, bi-curious or straight up want to phuck, if not all of the above.

She plans to do what has never been done before and make a nicca respect her mind first before she’d give up da azz, I mean develop a physical interest.  Yeah right.  Brutha ain’t no fool.  He’d respect her more if she just kept it 100%.  I guess she knows exactly what she’s doing.  So, let the Champagne Pop and support her interest maybe one day she’ll hand out plus size lollipops, heating oils and a gift card.

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Champagne Poppin

Back to the story

She models plus size clothing wear and is not ready to model swim wear.  Honey is working out, exercising tryin to tighten that azz into shape so she can Rip The Runway.

I guess she is keeping Brutha around to pick his brain and bounce shyt of the wall for valued insight.  Brutha should have known better and seen it coming.  Honey’s fast trackin it and tryin to be on the come up and can’t have any dead weight or negativity.  Bea’s simply passing through as they all do.  Nobody stays forever.  Besides she’s savin it fo something and someone else.  Get over it, she has and never looked back.  The rear view mirror reflects the past.


Champagne Poppin

Hopefully, now that the smoke has cleared Brutha can put a few things into perspective and move differently.  It’s time for Brutha to finally meet a sistah that understands his movement, a sistah that will hold him down.  Not one that will bail because the next house next door has a pool.   Humm, a pool is nice to have on a hot summer day (stay focus nicca).  I wonder why Brutha cares.

If she calls him “sweetheart” one more time he’s gonna cut a fool.  The last time he checked FB she was addressing a couple of dudes by that same name, sweetheart.  Sweetheart means the same as Potential; nothing is happing, right now.

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Champagne Poppin


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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