Slow Burn

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When your wife leaves you for another woman

slow burn1Slow Burn

When loves candle catches fire

When you’re no longer desired

That gut-wrenching

Empty and lost feeling

Before the embarrassment

After the abandonment

How one person’s head spin

From the mental and emotional anguish

The shameless wheeling

The sneaky dealing

The sickening feeling

Minus the healing

The smell

The smoke before

The slow burn

The feeling of fear

From the one you

Loved and held so near

The short route across

Town to their house

The trap is set

How to catch a mouse

The fire before the flame

The results remain the same

The game before the shame

The slow burn of a flame.

The feeling from the

Blow one receives

That knocks him silly

Off his feet and

Onto his knees

The things we learn after

The signs where there

She’s no-longer your concern

This is what happens

That feeling after getting burned


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

Daily Prompt: Burn





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