Her Autonomy


What is the most important part of the tree?

Between Male and Female who best represents the tree?

Her Autonomy

Her Autonomy

Stand up and salute thee
Her anatomy paves
Way of her autonomy

She is like the root of any tree

Kept underground, hidden and unseen

Separate the root from the tree and the tree dies

Separate the tree from the root and

It’s the root that has the possibility

To spring forth another tree

Together, we create the fruit of the world.

She has the “Power” and the right

To create milk

To recycle blood

To house a child

Spring forth a nation

Dictate it’s direction

Our Creator speaks

To us through She

The Atom before Steve

A Atum before Eve’s Eden

She’s independent

With her independence

In her own thoughts & actions

Which came first

The chicken or

The egg?

Don’t be confused

It’s not a trick question

The answer


It was a cell. Before the cell was activity

Everyone has a special gift

Touch someone

One day

In a very special way

Women: The world’s best example of Heaven, her garden and its gift.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother..


#Her Autonomy



5 comments on “Her Autonomy”

  1. This is beautifully worded and speaks to the heart of humanity. After witnessing the birth of my son, I was keenly aware women are the root of humanity and all life flows through women. If we can only get the men of the planet to see the beauty of a woman lies within her heart and soul and not in sexy clothing and body shapes. 🙂

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    1. Thank you kindly… I appreciate your kind words.. This means the world to me. The object is to touch, transform and save lives.

      To change the minds of others…

      One way you can help is to share this post with as many people across all platforms of social media. We can make it go viral to a point it becomes an infection. Affecting and resurrecting life into the lifeless.

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