Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

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You’re only as positive as the people you reach and teach.  Life boils down to the “Choices” we make along with those we fail to take.

Cuzo's Gambit

Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

As the seeds of his actions come to harvest, Brutha falls asleep with headphones in ear, listening to a select playlist of trap music while waiting on his peeps to hit his line.  Brutha’s most recent dreams are deeply rooted fears from the result of a failed relationship(s). The dream state of his musical subconscious nightmare begins. 

He use to take a shower and jump in the bed as if nothing happen when he came home from work. Now, he enters the house late and doesn’t bother to bathe to cover the next woman’s scent. This must be his way of getting out of an unwanted relationship. 

(The Club Scene… Music playing in the background “Make sum Shake” sets the tone)


Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over then expect a different outcome.

With a pocket full of singles (rent money) Brutha became a regular offering singles to twenties to the phatest and to the baddest high to da yellow azz in the club. He spent more than he could afford.

They knew him by his club name and which nights he’d blow through. The women would laugh and talk about him when in the dressing room.

PlayBoi made his way through Lil Mexico’s, Buford Hwy; home of the blue collar hard working class and those amigos who live in the sticks and move dem kilos by the bricks .  The block is hot. Local troops, rivals, loyal to their soil. Foreign cars to coupes with no roof transform into helicopters, occupy the parking lot. At the county lines da cops be on dat deep cover shyt sleepin in unmarked cars at dem check points.  

Brutha neva eva drink & drive to the spot.

Homie pasted plotting painted toe hyena’s and savage waxed sly foxes only to enter the belly of the lion’s den.

He receives a ghetto style national anthem triple salute at the door as he “Walked In” almost as if he was known to “Move that Dope” givin up dap, pats on the back while showing luv & respect to the O.G.

vet’s holdin it down outside wit dem gats tucked tight in small of their backs.

Nothing was more important to him than to watch the NBA Finals, hoping to witness the next crowning of a King.

Cuzo's GambitCuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist 

These are the many lessons of life. Every now and again our Creator will drop jewels across our path, ensuring education. 

It’s for you to notice a precious gem when one falls upon your lap.

It seem like Brutha has the “Juice”. Gear on point, waves wavin at cha. “Check”.

Chrome cologne smellin. The hint and the scent of Egyptian musk oil has heads turnin.  

Brutha pulled up a stool at the bar, ordered fingers, fries, shots of Patron, ate and setup shop among a pack of wolves that could smell a fresh kill.

It wasn’t Halloween yet but it all goes “Down in the DM”.  The Ghouls, Goons n Goblins sure nuff were on the scene, scaring the lame Elm’s street style like Freddy Kruger just a “Lil Bit”.

“Watch Out” for those paper, wooden and toy soldiers. You wouldn’t believe it if somebody else told ya.

Hobbits ice drippin, flu season, some frost bitten, women catchin colds, sneezin, flu sick wit a fever, sippin on dat Nyqil, sleeve wiping like a nose run without a tissue, achoo.

Goons,Goblins n HobbitsCuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

We lost too many soldiers in the field and spat out too much blood to turn back.

Capo’s on that “Blasé ” Blasé shyt. They sho know how to “F*ck Up Some Commas” real quick.  Showin out, ordering racks, openin packs, changin the climate and blowin dat loud to attract some feline cats.

Can you hear them now? “Tell Em” what you want. Do you smell what the Rock is cookin?

Ole creeps creepin. Made men pullin on cigars. Playa’s in the corner “Flicka da Wrist”, causin panic as cut lips and chicken heads circle in a frantic,

throwin bows. It’s rookie season full contact, heavy breathing, $1’s, $10’s and $20’s bring about the feel of fallin skys.

Cuzo's GambitCuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

A Phine woman that knows she’s fine is trouble. Reality is revealing and it also can be a little chilly.

Meanwhile, the women whom are about that life are truly “Wit That” as they wine and grind twistin derr thick bow legged hips fo dem chips hopin balla’s would lose their mind and let a few $100’s slip.

Many pray they “Throw sum Mo” their way. The vibe in da club is obviously crazy, filled with electric. Samsung smart,

strobe lights reflect 3D vision off her Super Woman tattoo showin, smellin like sex, face glowin, leading to the nights climax.

Ain’t nothing funny.  Don’t nothing move but her ass and your money.

Erotic perfume, the aroma cast its spell.  Men slump in the corner, drunk knowing all too well. Dope on a rope nickname Medusa.  

Gap so wide one can see the sun rise. Alpine White Brazilian bodies set the tone, full of spice; hot tamales, textin, checkin messages on their cellphones.

Dominican beauties, hair wrapped in a doobie, short, light skin cuties.  African bombshells dressed in camouflage carry it very well for all to tell.

Spoiled like strawberry/chocolate milk, Thai on a stick. Baby girl has little to prove skin coco butta smooth like honey, full of tricks. Girlfriend all about her money.

Clearly she’s a “Rich Girl” on that catch n play, dive n pay shyt coming up after bobbin fo dem apples, breathing heavy, demanding for her terms & conditions to be agreed upon. 

“Errrbody” up in here tryin to get paid or run a post route lookin to score a touchdown. Pick 6. Cha Ching!

Cuzo's GambitCuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

It’s simple math… Unavailable people mainly deal with unavailable people. A simple chick seeks out a simple niggah. Meanwhile, Ms. dumb and Mr. dumber will only create stupidity.

“Jumpman” is choosy about his tuna.  It has to be in water “All Day”not in oil.  Also, when she holds his hook it must be deeply embedded in her mouth before he’d start wheeling her in.

The taste for sweet tasting fresh water trout waters his mouth.

Brutha played it hard to get during “Halftime” refusing dance after dance waiting for somethin’ special to capture and hold his attention.

Caught up in the suspense of the event Brutha didn’t notice the sistha that took a seat next to him, placing her glass of white zinfandel upon the counter, looking straight ahead, not making eye contact, yet seeing everything.

Who could this be as Brutha turns and focus.

(The Bombshell & The Main Attraction Cuzo, enters the scene)


Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

It was obvious he has a fetish for the fountain of youth. Brutha; a ole fool chasing after women that isn’t chasing after him. Sadly, they only have a thirst for his pocket change.

At the door, he noticed her from a distance when he entered the club but tried to play it smooth as he walked to the bar.

She made other women feel uncomfortable.  Her azz was so thick it made most of the women move to the other side of the club, like osmosis.

The so called pretty and fine women surrounded him yet he felt a different presents lingering near. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but he felt that God was sitting next to him. 

She smelt like the essences of heaven. Her presents felt spiritual like… Who is this?

The devil wears Prada and it was Cuzo plotting her gambit and sizing up her mark as she offers her poison pawn.

If he bites, he’s done. She’s a smooth, calculating beast of a beauty; better known to act in a scheming and ruthlessly determined way.

Unforgettable, fo sho.  One would have to keep both eyes on her and a mental picture of the size of her backside.  

Brutha smiled to himself. He appreciated her classic style and historic approach.

Cuzo's GambitCuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist 

If our Creator stood in front of you would you be able to notice her? 

From the front the size of her hips, underneath that belt, revealed just how phat baby girls back truly is.

Curves and D’s kept Brutha on his knees with a spoon in hand and a napkin placed on standby.

No need to ask why. Can’t you see or are your eyes wide shut?

Cuzo, the girl next door, frighten and reminded him of a woman from his past; the one that he couldn’t have. 

She’s da spook dat sat by the door, times four. Cuzo’s more complicated than a blind man in the dark, putting on makeup in a department store at Lenox Mall. 

The aroma of her perfume forced Brutha to turn and focus. He previously dismissed all others only to willfully fall upon her sword.

Cuzo aka Honey Sweet; short, stacked, small head, tiny feet, matching shoulders and waist, cute face, easy to look at and soft on the eyes which left one hypnotized.

A ice cold centerfold type. Vanilla, pint size, bag of Lay’s potato chips.  You couldn’t eat just one nor did you need any dip.

Calm, cool and collective, honey is always respected seldom tried but neva tested.  Rarely vexed or had to “Flex”.  

She broke Brutha’s heart without saying a word.

Cuzo's GambitCuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

When you’ve loved and lost love you’re quick to notice a good thing. When love returns one should hold on to it at all cost.

A phine muthaphucka with a white tongue ring that glowed in the dark which only toyed with his imagination. 

Greased up from her knees up, Baby girl’s vibe was like the magazine and had this Amber Rose swag about herself; thick, petite frame. Her silence spoke volumes, other’s wondered her name.

Riding shotgun Cuzo’s sidekick, Nandi, sportin dat Dennis Rodman hairstyle, in the post eating a BLT on whole wheat toast. She was sexy with it, tall, blonde fade and all. Nandi said, “I be “Feeling Myself” when my man’s not around”.

The dynamic duo born the devil’s spawn no doubt.  Her offering he couldn’t refuse. A ritual he’d always feared and dreamed to endure.

Playboi desired a special touch; not too aggressive or pushy; a woman with class, one that didn’t ask for much.

A woman with style and a vivid imagination.  

Something he didn’t have at home that could keep up the sensation.

He wasn’t into old women that had obvious baggage strapped around their waist like a tired and faded fanny pack on a bag lady’s back.

image Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist 

When you Phuck money up your attitude change, your routine change as fingers begin to point in all directions. The object or goal is to deflect attention from yourself. She was typical and transparent in her actions. The discovery “Check” was in the mail.

The spark of a lighter ignited the flame. “Only” thick women tonight will be able to celebrate his fame. The seal of loud packs break and fill the air.  

Cuzo knew Brutha from back in da day while living in the hood deep within the trenches of Fulton County, across the tracks and down the way from the projects next to the abandon trap houses, where the “Trap Niggas” catch n pitch.


 Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

You only get to be young once but one can be immature forever.

Confused as things begin to get a little foggy…  Her body was nothing short of a ride one would experience at an amusement park. Her throne was greater than anything Six Flags could offer.

Cuzo, the great adventure, used her small waist as handlebars; grip-able fixtures for his fingers to sink into and to hold on tightly.

Everyone at a Texas rodeo would stand, point, stare and cheer her on as they watch her buck wild until his bell rang.  

She brings out the best in him without effort. Her toaster oven must taste like Hawaiian Steak straight from Houston’s. 

If Brutha had this at home there would be no need to roam the streets.  

He’d be sure to come straight home; never taking the long route or making excuses.

Brutha’s heart gripped and choked his pea size of a brain after feeling the pulsating rush of blood passing through his twin head which clouded his better judgment.  

She screamed loud when he entered then covered her mouth trying her best to keep the pipe she was receiving a secret. Baby gurl’s cat fell out it’s bag.

He feels his pants vibrating. A loud noise streaks in his ear pulling him out of his dream state sleep.  

The call he was waiting for is now received. He awaken covered wet in his life giving essence. He reluctantly answers his phone.

Cuzo's GambitCuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

We find out so much more about yourselves when we’re connected to a individual that makes us a better person.

In the real world every woman knows the power of the “P”.  The phattest ass gets the biggest prize.  The deepest throat gets the quickest call back.

Many woman place a value on their seat and what they have between their legs.  

They know foolish men will do, say and pay anything for their love. Some women will place a list of demands, written on toilet paper, hanging at the entrance of the Candi Shop.

The threat of closing of the Candy Shop is real.

At the club the tables turn, the rules switch lanes and things become a little strange.

It’s mainly the woman that approach the man and experience rejection. His prize is the money inside his pocket.  

A woman will have to spin that ass if she want that cash and that’s not guaranteed.  He’s in full control of when and how his money is spent or at least he think he is.

He is mainly there for the control and for the fulfillment of a fantasy. She’s the girlfriend for hire, the one that knows him best.

The one who fulfills his desires, puts his head to rest. A gentleman’s request. It will cost $100 an hour for her time.

Sperm breath burpin’ banking his offering of her services. In the heat of the night no breath mint in sight. What will it be, a bottomless rectum or a throat without a roof, tonight?

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Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

Deception is not affection. Don’t be mad when you ask for the weather report and they tell you it’s gonna rain.

Fallout or Ballout but do close your mouth

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