Soaking Wet

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At the tender age of four she was molested, raped and held captive for four days. During that time her stepfather taught her how to ride the pony and showed her rodeo tricks while balancing her on his third leg. He taught her how to hold her breath and how to breathe through her nose. He even showed her how to not use her hands but to only use her tongue, mouth and lips while bobbing for his apples. She was given candy for her silence and in the later years he gave her money and brought her expensive gifts to keep himself from going to prison. Her mother looked the other way because he had a City job and blamed her child for wearing clothes that were too tight. Little one didn’t have a father to protect her and never received a hug from her daddy.  Baby found herself constantly searching for a man’s love and approval but on this particular and unpredictable night she snapped.

472015_176374175825262_146729025_o Soaking Wet

She danced til her pink satin designer thong were soaking wet and off they came. She whore Pussycat Pink lipstick, which looked like it was painted on. As the dollars fly in the air Honey twerked her gift and oh how baby sure nuff could work dem hips. Balla’s change the weather by making it rain and watch it all fall out. Throwing hundreds in da air they ball-out as her ass-quake shake stuns the crowd. Her fans sit in their seats like children waiting on Santa Clause bearing gifts. With a raven in her eyes, Louie performs high up on the stage and looks down upon her subjects. The men look up, holding their magic poles, staring with excitement and in amazement, clutching their dollars in fist, praisin and wavin with the expression as if they’re praying to God herself, hoping she will fulfill their wish by making their dreams and desires come true.

“I sure nuff don’t have all that at home.” Said Carlito. Who mumbles and states “Yeah she can work dat pole but can she do her dance on me?”  The sweat pours then drips off from Louie’s body as she puts in work. Her sweat-drenched legs are thrown in the air high in the sky exposing her beautiful lotus flower. Her butterfly dances across the stage as filthy alcohol filled patrons rush the stage to tip and to get a whiff of her sweet smelling Gucci perfume. The pole become her balance beam and dance partner as she lifts her entire body parallel, as if an invisible table is holding her up in mid-air. It almost seems that she’s walking on air in slow motion.

Men wearing wife beaters showcasing jailhouse tattoo’s located in the VIP section throw up hundred dollar bills, while burnin up that stanky, blow clouds in the air, textin and placing 9 piece orders on their IPhones, straight violating their parole. Southern country shot callers named her Big Booty Louie cause she rock Louie Vuitton all seasons long. This gold teeth grill wearin, all up in her mouth grinning shorty, performs the pole death stroke by using her huge backside to engulf her victim which merely make a portion of the pole disappear by movin her bottom up and down on it, allowing your imagination to take flight of her magic ride offering. Her uptown swag is sway-z and her southern twang is cut throat dangerous. For her booty clap is equipped with a Kung Fu like grip that will turn the best of men into premature babies.  Louie works out on the regular but gets the rest of her fine from her momma. Sportin pink toe nails with white French tips. Her manicure and pedicure game is flawless. Honey’s all about that cash, you see. Women and men can get it if the price is right.

Soaking WetSoaking Wet

Dollars fly everywhere as ballers change the season to fall making it look like leafs is falling from the ceiling. On lookers watch them throw it up and then watch it come down.  Chickens move and cluck in a frenzy lookin fo work as they gather up Louie’s winnings for the night. Their heads feverishly whirl and are agitated because none of the dollars thrown are meant for them. Big Booty Louie’s a born stunna and she’s killing them tonight. It’s all about her red bottom heel money. All she wants is her bill money. Louie doesn’t have time to study men. She doesn’t care about the next bitch either leaving them both running to the cash machine when their pockets come up lookin like rabbit ears. “I hate working with her.” One chicken clucks with her wings folded. “Tell me about it!” another chicken states as she adjusts her wig and pulls on the strap of her tiny A cup bra strap.

Carlito notices that Louie has no war wounds, no cottage cheese on her hind legs either only a gap between her legs that presents sunshine in the daytime and the crescent moonlight in the evening. Only tight firm skin he witnessed. “She’s serious” Carlito said. Louie’s remains focused but notices Carlito’s drool. “Pay Day” Louie thinks to herself.  Carlito’s a regular who’s salivating dribble disgusted Louie because he reminded her of her stepfather’s slobbering stare, groping hands and ridiculous grin. Nonetheless, her car note was due and he was an easy mark.

“This woman will eat you up and spit you out in a few strokes and her backside will inhale you for breakfast.” said Sammy. Sam, Carlito’s homie promised Lito’s wife that he would bring him home straight after they had a couple of drinks. “I know that look Carlito, don’t even think about it.” says Sam. Carlito’s takes another hit of Patron, turns to Sam and says, “I got this.” Sam shakes his head and warns Carlito “That girl looks like she has some serious daddy issues. You may wanta phuck with this $5 hoe ova here” and points to a midget wearing only a bra, laced panties and heels.  Carlito says, “Phuck dat!” gets up and pulls out $300 dollars; all C notes and gently places each bill in the crack of Louie’s ass. The bills almost disappeared as her cheeks chewed then swallowed each C note whole. Carlito says to her “Come see me, I have more of that for you.” Meanwhile, Sam signals for the midget to come over for a lap dance. The midget hustles over towards Sam. At $5 per song he gives the midget $50 and she begin to rock his world. The smidget leans back and whispers into Sam’s ear saying for a $100 more she will suck him off just right. He smiles and says, “Jackpot.”


Soaking Wet

Louie jumps on the pole and twirls round and round then stops in mid air, wraps her legs around the pole and slides down slowly until her precious gift hits the bottom of the stage floor and gestures for Lito to go to the velvet room in the back. Louie then pops up, showcasing her famous ass-quake shake, lifts up her cheeks, spreads them and watch the bills from her ass fall out. Louie smiles and says “Thank You.” Lito walks backwards bumbling, stumbling and mumbling to his chair, staring as Sam shakes his head. “I’m gonna get me some of that right der” Lito says. He turns to Sam and says, “Do you see this bitch?” The midget jumps onto Sam’s lap. “Yo, is that a midget on your shyt? You wildin son.  Shyt, Mz. Louie’s a sexy thing making a brother want to do some crazy thangs. Do you know her juice box rolls up to the club in a G 37S Infiniti coupe, interior gutted out with Prada seats? Dem shyts sittin on 22’s and da rims be spinin nicca.”

Sam struggles to concentrate and says “I just look I never touch. When she puts it on you-you wonder what she has done to ya. Some dudes be all racked up other’s racked out then there’s those in the corner they be drunk all passed out mang. Brutha’s run home to their wives with a python in der pants thinking bout her butt after sittin in the cut jerkin off in the memory of her juicy big ole bubble. Knowing damn well when they get home it’s Mz. Louie they truly desire.” Carlito says “That just might be but it’s my night and I got rent money for an hour.” Lito gets up and walks to the back room and waits for his prayers to be answered. He smoothly hands a $20 bill to security at the door, has a seat in the cut and waits patiently. Sam asks the smidget to come with so they can finish up and follows Lito into the back room. Sam dapz the guard a $20 and takes a seat in a dark corner but in good view of Carlito. Lito sees the midget’s big water head giving Sam a Red Slurpee and hearing her slurp n burp sound effects along with her head bobbing up and down only excites him even more. He can hear the smidget gag and complain with tears in her eyes that her jaw is getting tired.

Louie gathers up her winnings leaves the dance floor to change into her next outfit. She’s committed to the hustle and after she towels off in the dressing room she returns 10 minutes later to work the floor and walks around the club with five hundred dollar bills in the crack of her ass and perfectly balances two Patron shots glasses on top of the arch part of her backside. Louie is crazy sexy with it. It cost $20 per shot to drink from her glass. Once poured a customer would have to lean forward and drink it by catching it as it drips down the crack of the ass. Gucci perfume smellin and wearin her ass claps it gets applauses as it beautifully floats across the room with style and grace in time with the music.

Soaking Wet

Soaking Wet

A line is formed all to get her attention for a private dance. Louie walks pass the line and heads straight for the velvet room. Lito smiles as Louie approaches. As Louie enters the room she notice Shoshawnda the midget giving Slurpee drinks to a customer. The visual reminds her of her childhood when her stepfather would make her play the game “Apples” with him. He’d make her choke until she passed out and then wakeup finding herself violated with her panties down to her ankles and a pain between her legs, which burned for dayz.

As Louie approaches Carlito he pulls out $250 and asks her what can he get? Louie replies not much but we can work out something along the way. Louie removes the shot glasses and places them on the table turns around and allows Lito to place the money in the crease of her butt. She moves the razor blade located in her mouth to the other side of her cheek and places an unwrapped condom into her mouth. Louie turns around and grabs a pillow and places it on the floor between Lito’s legs and kneels down on it, unzips Lito’s pants all in one motion. With one attempt Louie places the condom on Lito’s 4-inch instrument. The size tickles her silly as she swallows him whole like a drumstick. She knows this will be quick but Lito who’s caught up in the moment grabs a fist full of Louie’s hair and says “Let’s play a game I call, Apples” and forces her head to go deeper. Carlito’s persistence reminded Louie of her stepfather. Drunk off of Patron Lito was going to get his money’s worth and yelled out “Get dem apples girl”

A switch turned on and light bulb went off inside Louie’s head and she bit down as hard as she could ripping a piece off of Carlito’s penis. Louie then pulled out the razor blade from the inside of her mouth and cut the remainder of Lito’s tool completely off from his body and threw it under a table with the condom still on it. “Pop goes the weasel nicca,” Louie said. “Nobody grabs my head like that Bitch are you crazy?” It must have taken 30 seconds before poor Carlito could let out a scream. As blood spray everywhere Louie stands up and wipes the side of her lips and face and calls for security. “You done phuck wit da wrong bitch”  “Get this simple ass, po excuse for a man, no dick havin motherphuck out my face. He just violated me, pushin and pulling on my head”. Lito finally lets out a screeching scream.

Soaking WetSoaking Wet

Sam hears Lito’s holla and knocks the midget onto the floor. Sam zips up his pants and staggers to Lito’s aid. The midget says, “Oh hell naw you gonna pay me” trips Sammy and jumps onto his back punching him in the neck and head repeatedly saying “Run me my money nicca, run it”. Security runs over and picks up Carlito by the collar. Stuffs his limp penis into Lito’s shirt pocket and proceeds to carry him out of the club. Sam shakes off the midget and throws her a $100 dollar bill to shut her holla and runs out the door behind security and Carlito asking security what did Carlito do? Security opens the door and throws Lito onto the pavement and warns him not to come back. In agony Carlito gasp for breath but cannot speak any words. Sam sees blood everywhere and helps Lito into the car, who’s now passed out from the shock and covered in blood. Sam  rushes him to the hospital thinking of a story he must come up with to explain to Lito’s wife.

Louie counts her money and the extra she lifted from Carlito’s wallet, snatching up the two Parton shot glasses and walk to the front counter to cash out for the night. The night manager comes out and tell Louie to go home and for the record she didn’t work that night. Shoshawnda picks herself up from off the floor, fixes her wig and stuffs the $100 bill into her bra. The midget passes Louie and says, “ Nicca’s don’t know how to act, this type of shyt neva happens with female tricks.”

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Soaking Wet


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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