The Pleasure of Playing Chess


A teacher of life.

advantage viewpointThe Pleasure of Playing Chess

How strong the Queen’s position is compared to every other piece on the board. How broad of a stroke; maneuvering across the globe like no other.  How important women are to the world. (Looking at her differently) How the pleasure of playing chess can be enlightening. How limited the fallen king is then captured.

From a cell, to mineral, to vegetable, to the ant kingdom, to the bee kingdom, to the lion’s den, to the human and the divine state of being.  Life points towards “She” for guidance, wisdom and life.

The discovered check 

Her tree of lifeThe Power of The Unseen

How women are the root of every man’s tree. Separate the root from the tree and the tree dies. For the root has the possibility to spring-forth, another tree.  Together we bare the fruit of the world.  I am nothing without my root.  Each time we look at our belly button (our navel) it links us to our connection to our creator. She who we can see, touch, walk and speak with.

How so many fold and press the reset button after losing her grace.

Why is that?



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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