Chronicles of The Black Files: A Slither of Truth


She must have been a man in her past life.

The Black FilesThe Black Files: A Slither of Truth

Chronicles of The Black Files: A Slither of Truth

Officer Julie Turbo’s husband was a real little dude who’s belt wrapped around his waist twice. He had to have stood 4′ 9″. His wife, a tall lanky woman who bosses and pushed Norman around like a rag doll and had her way with him. 

Julie would wear a strap on dildo during sex and was known for her rough anal style by fucking him raw without any lubrication to the loud sound of classical music. She’d recorded the act and held it over his head for insurance. Julie couldn’t get enough of the way Norman would squirm while underneath her strong hold from a foot securely pressed upon the back of his neck. 

As the sympathy played the rhythm and the pitch of the melody produced a tone that played a major role to her pulsating thrust which lead to the height of a violent thoracic cavity climax. In order for her to reach her peak Norman would have to bend down on the floor, on all four, and bark like a dog. His peeing on the rug was used as her segue with music prompting her to say, “bad doggie.”

This smooth transition lead to her foreplay act without interruption. The sounds Norman would make as he gasped for air grasping the rug tightly while gripping the fibers of the tiny threads on the floor excited Julie even more. Norman begged for mercy and prayed she would finish.

(Terrified by the screams a neighbor calls 911 and a car is dispatched to the scene)

The Black FilesChronicles of The Black Files: A Slither of Truth

Sgt. Byron Lloyd, the understudy of chief detective, Inspector Norman Bites was the lead detective of the Sex Crime Unit. He transferred last week to the Vice Squad after being on the job for 14 years for reasons undisclosed.

Rumor has it, he was sleeping with his fellow female officer, who’s now an inmate at Rikers Island. She was once married to the commanding officer of his unit to a one, lieutenant James Docket, a Ph.D. in criminal science and an expert in identifying bullshit when he sees it. Lloyd couldn’t have seen the damage that he caused but he can smell it for sure now.

Donnie “Blackie” Whitehead, a vicious project rat and ferocious savage psychopath, who’s cunning with a blade and violently aggressive by nature. He’s one who doesn’t take the word, “no” for an answer. Blackie, is better known as a blood thirsty criminal that killed his mother because she burnt his toast on a Sunday afternoon. When they discovered her body a apology letter was left on the floor by the charcoal and unrecognizable body. The note read, “Dry toast is hard to swallow. Make sure you use butter in your next life.” The autopsy revealed her last meal she had eaten was a slice of birthday cake.  Blackie’s mother had been burnt to a crisp which made detective Julie’s entire body shiver.

The FBI opened a case and called it, The Black Files of Donnie “Blackie” Whitehead. Donnie, an ex-convict grew up terrorizing the lower east side with a 10″ blade. Donnie, a loyal petty thief and a fierce small time gangster who moved up quickly as the prime executioner for the Giovanni Crime Family who ran the streets of Alphabet City during the Cold War with the Toronto Lynch Mob from 1995-2008.

The blood stained sidewalk located on Ave B, in Alphabet City, is more than enough proof of the continuous and senseless blood bath continues with a slight wrinkle…




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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