No Need To Look Away


(The scene fades in on a mans smile)

No need to look away. Those multiple gestures are so confusing. I just won’t bother you today. Is it or could it be an energy thing? Maybe you’re nervous or scared of rejection. Wait let me guess. You’re shy. Keep in mind deception works both ways. No need to play it off, lady. I’ll do you the favor and turn my head the other way.

No Need To Look Away

No Need To Look Away

Are you one of those who stare at the hot guys from a distance but up close you turn away? You don’t stare at strangers from a distance I guess that’s different. Hmm. You walk with grace, such true conviction and vigor. Culture is not meant to divide us. It’s that special thing that’s meant to bind us. I’m not looking for a wild western stare down. A glance will do every once in a while. Like you, who would like to meet a good man, I desire a caring loving woman that’s open-minded, shares and one who understands.

When you pretend to look pass me it’s almost insulting in every way. Eyes are viewed as the windows of your soul. Or is that more mystery instead of an illusion? I rarely speak to women while out in the street but I will add, eye contact and a smile is very important. You see, I’m new to your city. No friends. No family. Thanksgiving on my birthday was hard, lonely, cold and incredibly revealing to me.

No Need To Look Away

No Need To Look Away

I’m not looking for any sympathy. I can’t expect you to posses the quality to see. However, I do see you clearly. It’s transparent to me. It appears obvious my gift box wrapping isn’t appealing to you. 

Why should anyone attempt to speak to you? Better yet, why should I entertain or reward you when you act as if I don’t exist? If God tapped you on your shoulder would you be able to notice her?

No need to look away, pretty girl. No worries. I’ll just simply shrink away and let you be.

(The scene ends on sad mans jaded face, and faded slowly out)



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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