The Closing Of The Candi Shop

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The Closing Of The Candi Shop

The purpose of marriage is to have sex; this is what Christians call “the burning of the flesh”. Every aspect of life proves this to be a fact. It is always physical first there is no way around it. If you are playing house or in a relationship at any level you are actually at the door step, the prelude level of marriage so the rule still applies.  It’s not a switch that you turn on and off.  It’s a practice, a way of life.  Practice makes perfect and it prepares you for the ultimate test being a better husband and being better wife. Everything else is secondary.

Sistah had to have dat good shyt tasting like a 9 volt battery if you ask me. Freak of the week phuck type walk, nahmean. When she put on her pumps game is ova man you don’t stand a chance.

Despite of having no father Brutha man struggles with what is expected of him as a man. He was never taught how to be a man let alone how to be a father and a reliable provider. He didn’t have the-know how at home and they defiantly don’t teach you how to be a man in school, no class that focus on such a subject.


The Closing Of The Candi Shop

However, Brutha man did have his Grandparents in his life. With 3 strikes against him please have no mercy for this poor soul whom is currently at the mercy, of another woman, this time his wife, whose love is absent and never to return.

One would even wonder if she had love for brutha in the first place. Oh yeah don’t let me forget to mention she removed and closed the candy shop; placed a padded lock on it a long time ago. Clank, clank! This woman is preparing for a new tenant to lease. An Eviction notice has been filed and placed on the Pucci, I mean, the front door, fully aware of Brutha man’s sweet tooth.

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The Closing Of The Candi Shop

For this type of woman nothing is sweeter than to refuse; to withhold what is most dear to an individual, especially a man, Sex. Ah, yes, when you withhold sex one can hold a weak man in contempt. Outright brake a nicca down and just kick him in the balls why don’t ya? Every woman overstands the power of the “P” and how it shapes, manipulates and in most cases rule the world.

They, I mean some women, play their hand each and every time they get the chance. Best believe this woman is not new to this and it is definitely clear she has been here before, several times. This woman is merely sharpening her sword and preparing for war with the opposite sex fearing nothing but God itself.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother

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