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Out Of Africa

All religious subjects are important and all political subjects are important because all of them need to be appraised in the light of reality. Because we have not faced reality cause we as a people live in a world of fantasy. Once we face reality and use religions properly, and once we understand how they

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Behind The Imagination: Her Sacred Seat

All acts of life begin with the imagination.   The Author of Her Universe. Thoughts manifested into words which created a particular character, place and thing. Its actions became a habit or a way of life which unfolded onto itself and ultimately became it’s destiny. No Words Can Explain It’s Greatness. Behind The Imagination: Her Sacred  Seat Behold our Creator’s work of art; the

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The Closing Of The Candi Shop

The Closing Of The Candi Shop The purpose of marriage is to have sex; this is what Christians call “the burning of the flesh”. Every aspect of life proves this to be a fact. It is always physical first there is no way around it. If you are playing house or in a relationship at

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