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Shame & Remorse

The memories of a shameless lost that left a black eye and the remorseful pain that was felt is all I have which allow me to look back, discover the growth and remember a time I cherished the most. Sometimes, playing it smart may be the end of a new beginning before it starts.  Shame & Remorse

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Friends Who Hold Us Back

Sometimes, maybe more than often many of our friends have nothing going for themselves and they tend to hold us back. Please keep in mind, you have the power to save your own life. Choose wisely. Life begins when one steps outside of their comfort zone. In this case, there’s no need to be a

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Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child

Real talk for real people.   When a grown man lives at home and has little to no motivation to help out.  Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child Harlem, Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

He Raped Me

Across the globe her story is told, shared and experienced for the world to know. No arrest has been made. They steal, laugh and brag conducting their evil crusade. She’s left alone to pick up the pieces of her life. Some how, some way, one day someone will call her, his wife… But not today.  He Raped

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Harlem Fetish Part 8: Pretty Faces

 Every generation of each era has witnessed her timeless beauty. History has documented her existence since the beginning of time. They come in all shapes and jaw dropping sizes.  Nonetheless, some women simply wake up drop dead gorgeous. Harlem Fetish: Pretty Faces – How Long Is Her Line? Harlem Fetish: Pretty Faces – Baby Girl, Daddy’s

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Gluttonous Maximus: Who Ate My Chili?

 “Excuse me Sir. Please drop the candy bar and slowly back away from the small child”.     Gluttonous Maximus: Who Ate My Chili? So you’re gonna let me vent right?  Check this out. I can’t mention his name but maybe by chance you’ll figure it out but for now we’ll just call him “Tiny”.  To tell

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Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

You’re only as positive as the people you reach and teach.  Life boils down to the “Choices” we make along with those we fail to take. Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist As the seeds of his actions come to harvest, Brutha falls asleep with headphones in ear, listening to a select playlist of trap music while

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This is fo the bitch azz muthaphucka that had the audacity to call the next nicca askin questions about a Brutha and their girl.  Questions like.  What you be callin fo?  Why you be textin her, though?  What’s goin on wit you and my girl?  Listen up lil bitch, I’m only gonna say it once.  Anytime you

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