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Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child

Real talk for real people.   When a grown man lives at home and has little to no motivation to help out.  Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child Harlem, Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

A Labor Day Salute – Samson Styles

On this day we take the time to recognize greatness and salute a man, a father, a husband, a grandfather and a friend to many. This incredible Brutha put in more than his share of work and is long overdue for this acknowledgement. Walk with me… To know the man one must embrace his story.

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No Mistakes

There are no mistakes, only experiences… Food for thought, grab a plate. Then relate Harlem, Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

A Watermelon Tear

Never cry a watermelon on a pea brain.  Our decisions determine our outcome. What you can tolerate you cannot change If you make only $7 and you settle for only $7 you will never make $8. Staying with a man that beats you only equates to more beatings. I bet he’s telling you he loves you

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Harlem Keys

The order may vary… 1. Know your role: If you are a Production Assistant always remember you are not the Executive Producer or President. You are the help. One day your time will come but as of now you are to get coffee, run errands, time code what is needed to be time coded and

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Lost Then Found

Family… There’s nothing in the world that can replace your love ones. Cherish this gift for it’s merely on loan to you.  Realize the greatness and all that you have before it’s gone for good. Let’s call it “sweat equity”, time spent together. Grandpa holding his little girl reminded me of all the years that were missed. When

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Art Of Love

Alright children gather round and let me tell you a story about a child who became King. When I was a young man I never thought I would ever see the day. I tell ya, it’s a dream come true. Isn’t she lovely and so amazing? She knew right from the start the path and

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Fo Da Ladies…  Don’t forget to click or cut & paste into your web browser to receive your intermission treat.   I will admit I’ve been holding out.   Follow me on twitter @harlematltibbs  & check out Enter Harlem’s Corner at Tumblr ( The Pinterest site is under construction.) where you will find Harlem’s Heavy Hitters, Harlem

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In Norcross Georgia the local laundry spot is also a hang out and meeting place for people who don’t have anywhere to go. The population is predominately Mexican who gather throughout the day washing clothes, cashing checks, playing Lotto and purchasing scratch offs. That’s where I met Rodrigo, a homeless father of four, trying to

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The Dream

Raheem the ladies dream, said the girls like him cause he keeps it 100. “I’m a real dude my G and the women respect that. Nahmean!” He said. “You know how I do. I’m a in and out type of dude. I don’t lay in shyt. When you lay you sleep and you know sleep

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In My Day

I love being single.  Man, when I was young and I’d hit da club the women would line up just to dance with me. I didn’t have to pay fo water. I mean, I had them eating out of my hands. Those were da dayz. Now a youngin won’t even look at me. I find

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Buckhead Suites

When the upgrade from a boyfriend to a man is overdue.  Buckhead Suites She complained about having neck and back pain.  As they walked to the room she was rubbing her neck showing him where it was tight. She opened the door and said come in and close the door behind you.  She walked directly

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