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Secret Confessions Katt Leya Act I: Kattnip

This woman is Phine not fine but Ph to the Muthaphuckin phine. Secret Confessions Katt Leya Act I: Kattnip When I first saw her, I had this stupid look on my face. I couldn’t even look at her because she was that fine. I mean dipped in honey phine. Can’t speak cause the words won’t

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Dirty Glasses

When the glass is half full while others view it’s as being half full empty. Blurred vision clouds the sight during the day and often at night.  Walk with me… Dirty Glasses When the universe chooses you and you place on the magic glasses there are rules that come with it.  You can never take

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Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child

Real talk for real people.   When a grown man lives at home and has little to no motivation to help out.  Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child Harlem, Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

A Glimmer Of Hope

Girlfriend brought a whole new meaning to “We Sick” to the doctors office.  When she sneezed it was I who caught the cold.  Needless to say, I was left standing, freezing in the North Dakota wind holding the ole carrot from a memory of what could have been.  As a child, I didn’t understand.  Now I

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He Raped Me

Across the globe her story is told, shared and experienced for the world to know. No arrest has been made. They steal, laugh and brag conducting their evil crusade. She’s left alone to pick up the pieces of her life. Some how, some way, one day someone will call her, his wife… But not today.  He Raped

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Gluttonous Maximus: Who Ate My Chili?

 “Excuse me Sir. Please drop the candy bar and slowly back away from the small child”.     Gluttonous Maximus: Who Ate My Chili? So you’re gonna let me vent right?  Check this out. I can’t mention his name but maybe by chance you’ll figure it out but for now we’ll just call him “Tiny”.  To tell

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FaceTime Bling

The turmoil, the pain and suffering of a long distance relationship with strings attached. When a boy is considered being thirsty.  Maybe he’s actually being a man.  FaceTime Bling https://itunes.apple.com/us/post/idsa.76f47263-76c3-11e5-ad28-8822e79f57de Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Video  FaceTime Bling (Drake’s “Hotline Bling” plays in the background) Spaced out and in a trance, Brutha reflects, relates and jots down his

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Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist

You’re only as positive as the people you reach and teach.  Life boils down to the “Choices” we make along with those we fail to take. Cuzo’s Gambit: A Southern Playlist As the seeds of his actions come to harvest, Brutha falls asleep with headphones in ear, listening to a select playlist of trap music while

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This is fo the bitch azz muthaphucka that had the audacity to call the next nicca askin questions about a Brutha and their girl.  Questions like.  What you be callin fo?  Why you be textin her, though?  What’s goin on wit you and my girl?  Listen up lil bitch, I’m only gonna say it once.  Anytime you

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The Boom-Boom Effect

His picture captured her attention but it was his words that obtained her arousal. Lady stood in the background deep within the shadows of the room finally mustering enough courage to let him know that the boom-boom effect exists.  The Boom-Boom Effect On the 1st night she greeted him at the door wearing a wife

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