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Clouds Over Heaven

My profound apology to heaven for the strange clouds that hang over she. We tune into the waste station and quite more than often some stay glued to the waist station channel, of lust, gossip, crime and desire. – She called me Her muse My creative daughter Not of Zeus The Queen and I Hold

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The One Percent

How the shepherd slowly feast upon Sheep who live a carefree life while riding on the carousel The hospital syringe that’s used as students of it’s society   Are injected to endure punishment that’s questionably applied Then served to its test subjects for Reprogramming and conditioning While living on a Ferris wheel of hope and

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When The Cars Drive by

Having fun when the cars drive by… When The Cars Drive by Fire hydrants Water sprayin’ Children laughin’ Other’s playin’ Summer games Is what come to mind Playing skellies, as cars drive by When The Cars Drive by Summer time scraping tar From Scar City’s mean streets Knock the tops from Out the box Playing

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Forbidden Fruit

The American Pit Bull; a man made breed purposely grafted for aggression. By nature, it’s a Frankenstein of dogs and most feared within the dog kingdom. How do people and the media view this breed of species? Walk with me beloved… Forbidden Fruit As entire cultures have been removed from the face of the earth…

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The King & I

When Moses returned from the mountain top and rescued his people taking them to the “Promised Land”. The King & I The Doubt The Adjustment The Plan The Shot The Block The Stop The Dunk The Determination The Close-Out The King The Victory The Triple Threat The Promised Land The Championship The King & I The

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Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child

Real talk for real people.   When a grown man lives at home and has little to no motivation to help out.  Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child Samson Styles: To Sisters Raising A Man Child Harlem, Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook

With Cleveland waiting for a worthy opponent to play in the NBA Finals the writing is on the wall for Oklahoma City. The Future Of Oklahoma City: Durant & Westbrook With the series now 3-2, and after being up 3-1, this will be a must close out win for OKC’s Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

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A Glimmer Of Hope

Girlfriend brought a whole new meaning to “We Sick” to the doctors office.  When she sneezed it was I who caught the cold.  Needless to say, I was left standing, freezing in the North Dakota wind holding the ole carrot from a memory of what could have been.  As a child, I didn’t understand.  Now I

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Harlem Fetish Part 6: Inked Out Cup Cakes

Inked out beautiful tatted angels exposing their human canvas revealing their individual expression for the world to witness.  Art is truly in the eye of the beholder. Women who like pain… Priceless.  Harlem Fetish: Inked Out Cup Cakes – My Adidas  Harlem Fetish: Inked Out Cup Cakes – Beautiful Flower  Harlem Fetish: Inked Out Cup Cakes – A

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