Baby Girl

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As candles, incents and oils burning downstairs.  Upstairs the slow jams played creating an atmosphere of passion and lust.  Baby Gurls clothes somehow dropped onto the floor.  He caressed and passionately kissed every centimeter of her body, softly and very slowly.  Rubbing his face against her face, gently rolling his tongue down her neck around to her back and then down to her naval.  Tasting the sweetest of sweet juices. Moist and trembling with excitement and ready to receive him not knowing what’s in stored Baby Gurl held her breath and embraced his offering.

Baby Gurl

Baby Girl

Damn, she smells so good… He inhales her intoxicating perfume, which was scientifically place on her mind-blowing body only to make this brother of a man want to devour her and he did just that.  She knew exactly what she was doing to him. The night was perfect and somebody must have been listening above.

I mean Baby Gurl must have been expressed mailed right out from heaven and placed carefully into his arms.  The fit was magical. He swiftly reached underneath her, turning her over carefully exposing her beautiful baby phat azz. Looking for a napkin and a spoon he noticed there were no stretch marks, no wrinkles nor cottage cheese on this plate of love; his tongue explored where no man has ever gone before. No air mask was needed. Despite her face being buried into the pillow he could still hear her moans and mumbling that she tried to conceal but would later surrender to.

baby gurl.jpg

Baby Girl

It’s on now she’s truly open and ready to be totally turned out.  His tongue entered deeper inside her. Her body became a perfect U-shape by nature, just to receive him and receive him well she did. Not wanting to come up for air brother waited for the right time to enter the candy shop. No hostage list, no list of demands just pure ecstasy.

It was so tight when he stuffed her with all of his seven and three quarters. Entering her was almost like entering a virgin digging n craping the sides and bottom of her pot. Stirring her love box she was only but so deep.  He slipped his thumb into her rectum feeling his own tool do it’s work. Baby Gurl knew as both holes were occupied that she’d lost control and will never be the same ever again.  She tried feverishly to reach around to remove his thumb but lost that battle when he smacked her hand away.  She didn’t want to seem like a punk to him so she let him have his way with her. She could not believe the circus act that was being performed as she felt his cannon fire and explode inside.

Shortly after, putting it down and putting it down well and like a water faucet running dripping down her legs, Baby Gurl stumbled her way to the bathroom turning slightly to look behind her as if she would find the Trojan Army deploying it’s army but surprisingly only to find that it was just Lil ole me who rocked her world leaving his name etched for life into her personal mental history. She will never be the same ever again after that night and she couldn’t do anything to change this reality.

Baby Girl


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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