He Didn’t Call

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He Didn’t Call

Do you remember? How long has it been? Tell the truth. You didn’t think much of it at the time so you gave him a little trim because after all he was hot. It has been about 2 weeks from when you last spoken to him and it’s now have been at least 3 weeks from the last time you let him hit it.

He didn’t call and you wondered why. Of course you remember now? Remember, he told you that money comes first, right-riiight. He told you he was in the studio or a late night at the office, right? What he say “Yo, but what had happen”, right? He followed it with “but I’m sayin dough.” Yeah, it’s coming back to you now.

You played like you didn’t hear him but you did and chose to look the other way cause da head and sex was good.  Yep that time. So you called and called with no answer. You even left him a message, saying to yourself “wuzup wit dis man?

It was a nice jester you made but did you think he thought that you are special? Just because you gave him some you thought he owed you a phone call, at least, right? How wrong you were for thinking…

Babe you played yourself. He looks at you as if you did this with him then you must have done it with others, again and again.  Who did you think you are fooling? You were too easy boo. Don’t you remember how fast he jumped into the shower to wash your scent off and barley gave you a kiss as he rushed out the door. He didn’t even get to eat the meal you prepared.

I know… But you are a Christian girl right or maybe you’re Muslim sleeping with the pork dangling and it always seems to stay on your fork. Do you see wuz written on yo forehead? Wazup wit dat?  Where is your self-respect?

You are not a victim you are simple, and simple simmon says, detoxify your current state of mind. And if you have to please purchase a new one, cause we got to do better, Ma. We all have to do better to avoid the pork, the poison and the doctor’s office.

So you should know by now what it means when he doesn’t call by now, right. It means you are not the one and simply he’s not interested in you. Trust me on this, when I tell you.

Heaven is at the foot of Mother….

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