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Hard Body

I hope you know your lady is very special. She has this beautiful way about her that make me feel like a King. You’d be surprise just how much she’s willing to take.  Nahmean! Keep watching Sports Channel and ESPN.  Playing Sony Playstation and Xbox is more important, right?  Don’t even put down the joystick. Baby girl’s pickup

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He Didn’t Call

He Didn’t Call Do you remember? How long has it been? Tell the truth. You didn’t think much of it at the time so you gave him a little trim because after all he was hot. It has been about 2 weeks from when you last spoken to him and it’s now have been at

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Girl He’s Fine

When lust gets the best of her after discovering how long the line is at the Kandi Shop. How eye candy can be full of poison which blurs the vision leaving false hope and a fine child. One should study the ingredients and watch their sugar intake before feeding it to their soul. Girl He’s Fine

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