Good Pizza

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Supervisin, flexin on dat managin tip.

She was Dominos pushin pizza,

Minus the hut type of shyt.

Lips lickin, Vaseline shinnin,

Can I take your order?

Translate: What’s on yo mind?

Smiling like, “BabyBoi wuz good wit cha?”

Smellin like today’s special.

Pepperoni, onions and extra sausage.

Oh boy! My favorite.

She don’t even have to try to get it.

Candi Shop open fo service, fill err up.


No time to think.

Titties winkin,

Deep dish cleavage

Tastin finga lickin

Mumm, mumm good n da hood.

Campbell soup wine coolers, eyes focusd

He’s going all in.

Brutha mentally stuffin her oven

Roastin Dominicana aroma,  Brazilian style, rotisserie

Golden, rotatin on his candle brick thai stick.

Follow da drip, wipin her lip.

Got milk n plans fo those hipz. Ball hoggin.

Fourth and long stroking

 Cavity walls slowly cavin,

He’s going deep no warnin as she

Anticipating the worst.

Penetration plowin the plantation,

Spillin & tilin da earth.

Sidekick standin dat azz upright,

Drop kick, field goal, score.

So she can get to know me better.

Mo betta makes it more betcha

Blue lost her Clue.


Houston we have lift off

Flag wavin, staff only.

Rock a bye baby gurl slowly, cradle robbin.

Thumb in her mouth honey’s rubbin her ear

Wake up, too early to be snorin & yawnin.

Now lookin back at him differently.

That’s right Daddy’s home.

Feel me?

Spider web cleaner.

Hit her with a felony

Phuck a misdemeanor.

Dust dat mop make sure her shyt glows

Credit and charged her fo time served.

Butta steam leakin on dem dinner rolls.

So much bread it looks like cake,

When I rise, Twinkie Tasty Bakin,

Mo treats fo dayz, Ice Cream filin.

Cream in the middle twist dat target

Scoop it out middle finger, pop n leg locked it.


Tickle her fiddle side bar riddle.

He talking shyt but she actin like

She ready fo some

grown man dyck.

No baby you’re not walkin funny

It just feels that way.

Now turn da phuck ova

Can he go any deeper?

So delicious puttin pressure on dem ribs.

Pillow muffle the sounds

Your shyt don’t belong to you anymo.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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