Boo Lovin

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Boo Lovin

Act 1

The scent of Egyptian Musk burns and fills the room.

The sudsy water, the candles flicker as the bubbles danced.

The vibration intensified

Honey sounds became electric. (Oh, yes)

Mommy’s stomach started contracting,

Her legs spread open and began to shake.

The first explosion erupted

The magnificent and the beneficent unfold.

The sight was breath taking, (oh)

The beautiful color of watermelon.

Wind blows softly across the Nile

Muscles contracted

Her one eyed dragon winked and blew a kiss.

Boo Lovin

Boo Lovin

Act 2

Brutha engorged himself within her tight warm wetness

Sistah’s face grimaced from the pressure.

Brutha turns her over and

Sensually licks her pulsating Sunshine,

He rubbed it harder and faster.

She feels the force of cum pressing.

Arms flailing baby girl winced,

Luv button swelling, 2nd orgasm lingers

Through her entire body.

The Sun begin to set.

Boo Lovin

Boo Lovin

Act 3

Brutha re-enters heaven’s gate

Clouds ova head, the crescent moon appears.

Sistah feels the throbbing of his erection rubbing

Against her walls thrusting with excitement.

Nails dig deeper into skin

Sweetie’s body squirmed as she bite her lip

Accepting the distance of his girth.

His exquisite pounding made her body shiver.

Mommy Luv, her kitty kat roared like a lion. (3rd gift presents itself)

Boo Lovin

Boo Lovin

Final Act

Brutha on the switch up,

Honey knew what was next

Throbbing with full anticipation

His Thia Stick tongue bath would cause

Her entire body to jerk.

Brutha performed a covert drive by Mommy’s river.

Waved his flag with staff in hand

She smiles, eyes focused and fixed.

He smells the glory that awaited.

Baby girl’s purse folded back

Brutha slay and lays the beast down to rest.

Nothing like a lil Boo Lovin at it’s best.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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