Dirty Glasses


When the glass is half full while others view it’s as being half full empty. Blurred vision clouds the sight during the day and often at night. 

Walk with me…

seeing clearly

Dirty Glasses

When the universe chooses you and you place on the magic glasses there are rules that come with it.  You can never take them off. You never see things as they suppose to be.  You see things as they are and you can never force anybody to wear them.

God sent Jesus to die for our sins.

Why didn’t god just kill the devil, instead of sending his only son?

How come we never seen a fat devil?
I’ve seen a fat preacher, fat popes
Even fat Budas

Why haven’t I seen a devil in a dirty uniform?

Why haven’t I heard a devil cursing and talking loud?

clean glasses

Dirty Glasses

The Prince of Darkness

When you walk into a dark room and strike a match the room receives light.

Some people we share the planet with represent slime, filth and darkness. We represent light. There’s no darkness in the world that can stand in front of light. The sun smacks darkness clean out the sky. That’s the power of light. When you understand you are light, all things change.

When a person enters a dark room and it is infested with rats and cocker roaches you don’t shoot them or spray them with poison. You simply turn the light on and they will leave. That’s the role of darkness. It leaves when light is present.

When light becomes afraid of darkness that’s a violation to the universe.

You are the light.

Simply, clean your glasses so you can see

All that is

Meant for you to be.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…







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      1. Oh my goodness !
        Harlem. 5 challenges at a time. I’m awe struck.
        Welcome to #MiracleChallenge 😇
        I’m in the way to read your posts 😃
        I wish I could Reblog all your posts. But, it’s 10.05 PM. And I’m wrapping up for the day.
        However, your name and posts will be pingbacked in my Week – 6 Miracle Challenge which will be published tomorrow, where you will have new prompts 😃


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