His Fear…


When your lust of negative thoughts consumes the human body exposing and revealing the fear within.


His Fear…

Homeboy feared being locked in a box, with 60 inmates and gang raped after being processed and placed inside a holding pin at Cobb County’s Central Booking.  Dude also feared his woman would one day leave him, spend his life savings, take his children away, move out of state, fall in love with another woman and laugh about it while sipping coconut rum on a tropical island. Brutha feared one day he’d be alone and pass in his place of residents, not to be discovered until the fumes were unbearable, weeks later.  Bruh had one foot out the door and the other foot inside a coffin.  He was one paycheck and one argument from being homeless with no family to summon or to console for support.  In short, he was phucked.

Shortly after being released by Atlanta’s finest, for hooping the turnstile, dummy had an ax to grind, with Bea, for wasting his one and only phone call. Bea kept her phone close to her hip and Brutha thought at least she’d pickup.  He left her a message to pick him up outside of the precinct.  He was in enormous pain and his ego was bruised.  When Bea finally showed up Brutha hooped in the car. Bea asked if Brutha was alright and if he need anything. Brutha mumble “No, but I can use a hug right about now.  I just want to get home and forget what just had happened”.

Despite of having two children, Sweet Bea was truly blessed and her smothered butter milk crescent biscuit body had Brutha looking for some jelly to spread all ova her butta roll.  She had a set of D’s to die fo Carnation Milk at it’s best and her legs were like “Wat” thick as phuck, a Brutha could beat down a Saber Tooth tiger wit dem.  Her backside was syck like NyQuil.  Honey Bea had a beautiful oven stuffer; a fine meat packing district booty which was prime choice, warm and tender.  Plain and simple Honey had all the right weaponry.  She was Heaven on Earth.  Ms. Bea was just how he liked them but she had a thing for women, on Wednesdays.

Ignoring the signs and selfishly thinking what he could possibly get out of the relationship, Brutha didn’t question her when she’d showered, dressed, curled her hair and headed out the door without the decency of saying good night.  No kiss, no communication and no dinner just the kids screaming and the sound affects of a car door closing.  With his bottom lip hanging to the floor, poor Brutha’s head turned like the exorcist after hearing the all too familiar screeching sound of wheels spinning and speeding off down the street from her Infiniti Q60; leaving behind tire marks on the pavement.  Bea’s hair could be seen blowing in the wind from the back of her drop top as her car swerved around the corner racing towards her lovers’ destination blasting Beyonce.

In the past, Bea loved the competition with Brutha.  Honey Bea was young and Brutha made her think outside the box.  He took her out of her comfort zone and challenged her in a way that would make her a well rounded person.  He discovered folded back and exposed her baby dick of a clit, licked it sideways and sucked it like an infant holding his bottle.  She allowed Brutha to place her ankles behind the back of her neck, as he long, deep stroked it, hard as his spirit stepped inside of her.  Bea would hold on for dear life proving to him that she was a trooper and a keeper; whispering in his ear “Get It”.  He was fascinated by her flexibility and gorgeous, unmarked melons and couldn’t get enough of her lovin.

Ms. Bea loved to role play.  Honey Bea would get down on all fours, crawl to him and take communion.  Sweet Bea was big fo his offering.  Bea would make this gargling sound as she tried to swallow him whole.  Bea earned a standing ovation.  Sweet Bea would tease him with the anticipation of her outstanding performance.  The sight of seeing her eyes roll to the back of her head, with his instrument in mouth and feeling himself hit the tubes in the back of her throat made Brutha toes curl and cum instantly. Honey Bea found herself coming back to his place to give him more lessons.


His Fear…

At night and into the wee hours of the morning, they played chess together and it quickly became the student/teacher relationship.  Playing mental chess with him was like squaring off and getting prepared for a real life battle.  He was much older than her and Bea found herself having to stay on her p’s & q’s.  Brutha accelerated her thought process and sharpened her global awareness.  He made her mentally better and stronger but for whom in the back of his mind he would wonder?

The game plan: To train; to ripen sweet thing for himself.  Brutha didn’t recognize the gambit she played and foolishly took her free yet poison pawn.  It was over before it began.  The student out grows the teacher… This was the one fear that Brutha feared the most; loving a younger woman that would one day leave him and move on.  Losing his woman to another man was bearable almost understandable.  The notion of losing his woman and a friend to another woman was the shot heard around the globe.  It was the famous phantom punch that placed his ass on the canvas.  He was sick as phuck.  As he struggled to pick himself up from off the ground his knees buckled; too week to hold the weight of his own ego combine with his damaged pride.  His will pulled him back down onto the bedroom floor leaving him in a stupor; knocked out for the count.  It was a direct insult and blow to his manhood.  Brutha’s belief system was shattered but there was nothing he could do about the ultimate outcome.  Brutha neva saw the punch, respectfully tapped out and laid there with is head spinning.  Homeboy was devastated and was quite never the same.

What started out as a harmless fling of a romance on Wednesday’s turnt up and became an event called “Wet & Wild” over the weekend.  Sweet Bea played with strap-on sex toys and assumed a different role.  Bea decided to just toy with the idea of needing a man using them has tools of amusement, intermission so to speak.  Honey Bea’s new girlfriend and project goes all out for her just like a true ride or die bitch would.  She’s everything Bea eva needed and wanted in a man but found in a woman.  The teacher/student relationship revisited.  As Bea sets up the chess board to teach baby girl how to play the game.  The pieces seem to move differently.  From time to time she would think about Brutha and how what comes around goes around but Honey will worry about that another day. Right now, Sweet Bea and her new boo has just boarded a plane headed for Panama. They order drinks, look at each other and giggle about spending 7 dayz in the sun with no kids for an entire week.

Brutha lost his job shortly after his arrest and couldn’t make ends meet after working several odd jobs.  Bea eventually kicked dummy out of the house and moved in her girlfriend.  Bruh moved to Oakland City, a slum area of Atlanta, into a 5 room, urine stain bathroom share; a end of the line boarding house for men.  He slept on a used mattress covered with dried blood.  The sheets were stained and the pillow case cover was filthy.  The place and his entire situation were so depressing Bruth suffered a heart attack and passed painfully in his sleep.  They didn’t discover his body until 2 weeks later and that was because his weekly rent was overdue.  His body had decomposed something awful.  Brutha had a closed casket funeral.  Sweet Bea was nowhere to be found.

The “A” has a growing culture of what is called #thegirlsclub.  Mrs & Mrs she said yes.  Yeah, it may be nice to think about being with two women at the same time.  It may even be better when your woman has female friends that want to add spice to the relationship but in many cases the guy is merely a tool, a human instrument tossed away after they are finished using, playing and toying with him.  Bet you would take your chances, huh? What if the roles were reversed and you found yourself sharing your man with another man? How would you feel if your man left you and your children to be with another man?

Fear is necessary and it has its purpose.  Fear has to exist.  Brutha failed to plan therefore he planned to fail.  He didn’t have a plan B.  We all pay a price for what we get and take out of life.  That’s when ole man made his first blunder…




Heaven is the foot of Mother…





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  1. This is a great story about his fear. There was a lot of elements clearly told in your story. And I can visualize the scene very well.
    But, your post have bits of 18+ content and media attachment. So, if you were to participate in MiracleChallenge, kindly avoid 18+ writing content or media attachment.
    SInce, we have participants and audience of all ages in Miracle Challenge.
    Hope you understand in the right way. Thank you 🙂


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