Kobe vs. LeBron

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I truly wish the comparison would end but I understand the market. The money that is currently being made merely by entertaining the subject of who is better and who best compared to Michael Jordan will only be viewed when both players are no-longer playing the game.

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I can end that comparison right now by saying that the two can’t be compared simply due the different positions they play. LeBron is a small forward whereas Kobe is a shooting guard. Yes, they both came into the league straight out of High School but that’s the only thing they have in common.

LeBron was instantly a starter whereas Kobe came off the bench.  When LeBron arrived in Cleveland there was not one All-star or Hall of Famer on the team.  On Cleveland, LeBron was the All-star and Hall of Famer and he made everybody around him better than they were. When Kobe arrived, there were not only All-stars on that team but there were Hall of Famers along with other great players.  The pool of wealth and knowledge on and within the Lakers organization is to no comparison to what a small town of Cleveland has to offer. Not one All-star or Hall of Famer was on that Cleveland team to meet and greet LeBron James.

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When it’s all said and done and a team is formed to make up the starting five of any legend team of it’s kind, LeBron would be named a starter.  As for Kobe, he would come off the bench behind Air Jordan. Let’s be clear (crystal) LeBron James with only one ring is the best player in the game and in his position, ever. No one person ever put up the numbers and become such a triple treat as LeBron James. Not even Michael Jordan has done what LeBron is currently doing.


Kobe will be best known for his offensive scoring and perimeter defense. Whereas LeBron James will be best known as a passer aka assist man, a defender of the entire court, one who blocks shots, rebounds, one whom can take a charge and take charge of a game, an offensive explosion, and a coach/floor general on the floor.  You just can’t say that about Kobe Bryant.  Right now Kobe has rings but lets not forget in the beginning Kobe helped his already great teams to get rings. LeBron, on the other hand, was the primary reason for Cleveland to get to the playoffs and NBA Finals and he’s the reason Miami got their ring.


Keep in mind as a baby when LeBron came into the league he alone took his team to the championship. Nobody can say the same for Kobe Bryant. When LeBron entered the league he was instantly labeled as being Great. When Kobe entered the league he was featured only as being full of potential. Kobe, a player who copied his game right down to the very style was stolen from Michael Jordan. LeBron James game is stolen from nobody. Many say that LeBron’s game is a combination of Magic Johnson and a more powerful Michael Jordan. I say just let the two live without being compared and enjoy the magic as it unfolds. Clearly Kobe cannot and will not ever guard LeBron James however LeBron can guard, cover and track Kobe Bryant.

LeBron James is the best player, the most dominate individual that has touch a basketball. Nobody can fault him for being drafted by an organization that was limited in gathering the proper resources to keep such a great player.


That’s right I said it. What! Say something. (KnicksTape)

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