Under The Influence

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It’s that sobering moment of blurred vision once the road seemed to get narrower while approaching a checkpoint.

That’s normally when you discover the art of effective driving verses irresponsible driving while under the influence of alcohol applies.

The glare from the flashing headlights and the piercing sound of a police car siren that forces you to pull over leaves one with the false illusion that you’re in control.

It’s that sobering moment of clarity that you’re going to jail to sleep it off.

Your slurred speech, the breath analysis, the handcuffs, the finger printing, the process, the cold metal silver toilet, your one phone call, your fear for survival, the smell and stain on your paints, the awful and shameful wait to see the judge and the disgusting stench of 60 men enclosed in a box at central booking that serves as a reminder whose really in control.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


MiracleChallenge Week 8

MiracleChallenge # 3





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