Stinky’s Revenge

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So you want to be a man. Say hello to my little friend.
Welcome to the boys club. Now, let the games begin

Stinky's RevengeStinky’s Revenge

Stinky’s not
True to this
He’s green
And new to it

His frail body
Wasn’t ready
For Jail
He must’ve weigh
100 pounds wet
Holding a pail

A brand
New meaning
Of being
Soap on
A rope

Stinky ain’t built
For this life
On his first night
He got stage fright
Pissed in his pants
As if he were
Watering plants

Da stink was too
Delicate and fragile
He went where
The wind blew
Too weak
To speak
With no teeth
To say the least

Back up
Give him
Some room
And let
Him breathe
What’s that smell
Coming from underneath

That’s not grits

Smells like cabbage

More like cheese

Stuffed with sausage

Along with horse radish

Look like

Your cat

Just caught

A bad

Case of fleas

Look at the rat

In the hat

Caught in a trap

With his pants down


Stay out of jail

To be continued….


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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