Paying It Forward

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When the right information lead towards the proper education to weather the blinding desert storm which clouds our vision. 

   The Future Is In Our Hands

When I graduated from high school, entered college and became aware of the fact that I had been mis-educated, I began to assume the responsibility for reeducating myself.

Every person has two forms of education. One is the education that is given to him/her the other, which is the education he gives to himself.

The latter is by far the most sufficient because everything that is important to a person(s) life is that which they must seek out for themselves, it constitutes their real education. So it is all right to get the paper so that you can go out into society and do things. Just don’t think that-that paper (That Degree) is your passport to success.

Education and travel is key. Education is not confined to the four walls of any college. Many great people have made major contributions to the world without ever placing a single foot inside any university. To travel and to witness how other people around the world live is extremely important. From desert to sea, the objective is to place ourselves in the position to better understand and to communicate with the entire world.

We have an obligation and a responsibility to see to it that we put into our minds, put into our conciseness, put into our spirit, knowledge of our History, knowledge of our Culture, our Ancestors and our Creator. So that we can exist within this society and keep our sanity as we continue to build a better place for those that come behind us. That is our obligation. That is our responsibility.

Life unfolds very slowly and we must pay attention and guard against from repeating our collective mistakes of the past.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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