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Some secrets are worth sharing…

She’s the tip of the blade on my sword that protected and threatened my celibacy from a distance. My five-year sacred secret of sexual abstinence fall to the floor. Since moving to Atlanta from New York I haven’t allowed anyone to touch me since.

Over time, she became the craving of my deepest fantasy. She’s my special friend who I needed desperately in my life, a Chicago native who I ponder constantly. April 17th, Embassy Suites meant everything to me. All the money spent, I couldn’t afford. My costly exotic Vanilla Bean Queen imported from North Dakota who doesn’t wish to see me anymore.

I can feel you watching… You’ve been reading all of my pain that’s published.  As you look over my shoulder can you see my growth? Can you taste a devastated heart? Do you witness a great lost?

My IPhone doesn’t ring anymore. No Face Time bling. That’s for sure. How will I keep the natives at bay without the tip of my blade? The edges of my sword grow lonely for the sound of your voice.

My sweet and darling Nikki please come back. I long to see your lovely face and captivating smile. Without effort you brought out the best in me.

The catch, the release and the things we secretly carve…

(Cloud bubble to self… Now, let me pick myself up from off the floor, carefully replace my face, close my open mouth and quietly have a seat in a corner alone)


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…



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