The Negation of Life


Darkness is the negation of light

The shortly there after of sight

All forms of creation is stagnation

When the first things created and came about

It was negation’s creation

From God herself

Not an hallucination

Or a figment of imagination

This is why things die

Why some people lie

They were formed from the negative

So much more than just a perspective

Or point of view

It’s the mist

 After the dew

Before the rain

Despite the actual pain

Which keep us all sane

To be in the positive one has to go back into the stream where consciousness is balanced

One would have to become still

For this to be fulfilled

That’s why when you create you should be in a place of stillness

No matter the dampness

From the chill

One should be forming stillness to attract the balance and to attract its material

Like a mosquito drawn to a puddle of water

It’s all apart of you

Every time you look at your son or daughter


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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