The Power of Words


(Cloud bubble to self.. “I’m feeling her spirit. It transcends through from the very next aisle. I haven’t seen your face and yet…

I see you, very clearly.”)

power of wordsThe Power of Words

I was studying in the library on campus and heard the sweetest voice coming from the next aisle.

It was a voice I could listen to for the rest of my life.  Her voice had substance and conviction.  I placed my pen down and looked around hoping no one would notice.  The words of wisdom that came from her instrument moved me like no other.  Her insight touched me in a way that changed my DNA and unreleased sperm forever.

Her laughter intrigued me to steal a peak.  Just a glimpse was all I needed to match the voice with the face. But what next?  From a distance I was drawn to a voice without a face. Do I dare spoil the excitement?

I’ve never before had been in such an awkward position, witnessing the unknown. I became hesitant and unsure of myself.   I was instantly in love without a proper introduction.

I forced myself to get up from my chair and act as if I had to go to the bathroom.  As I walked across the room I swore I heard music playing as my heart began to flutter. My knees became slightly weak.  I told myself not to look her way and to be smooth about it.

As I approached the section she was seated in I was greeted immediately with a warm smile that could have melted a heart encase inside an iceberg.  She had me hook, line and sinker.  I tried to look away but my guiding angel wouldn’t allow it.  I looked her directly in the face and returned the smile.  In my humble approach I remained still, staring without blinking as time seemingly moved slow; ensuring nothing of her essences had been missed.

Without prompt she said, “Hi”.  I stopped briefly and turned saying, “Hey”.  All cool and in a smooth way I redirected my walk towards her table.  Her smile seem to have gotten brighter which was inviting.  My confidence then grew as I said, “Excuse me” (pulling up a chair to have a seat across from her).  It was as if she knew I was coming. 

I expressed to her I had to see her face. I had to match the voice attached to the mind that left me in the next aisle speechless. A Pharmacy major I would later savor.  I further went on by mentioning how her spirit touched me from a distance and her conversation forced me to steal away a ship called Jesus.  She laughed and said, “I know exactly what you mean”.  Her girlfriend excused herself and said she would return. I didn’t notice her get up and leave from the table.  I introduced myself and asked her name.

Like an alter boy confess to a priest during his confession I confessed my sins to her without medication.  I shared with her how I felt her spirit from across the room overhearing an art-form of a priceless conversation I wished to join.  “Your soul was beautiful, so I fell in love with you from across the aisle and I needed to meet and thank her parents for coming together. You had me before I could see your face”, I said. I wanted to be touched by her spirit. There was a sudden desire to hold her hand. I needed her intelligence for continued life; for her to have all my children. This was how I imagined to meet my wife.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

MiracleChallenge Week 6

MiracleChallenge Short Story Challenge # 1




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      1. I forgot the questions for those I nominated! How silly… here are 11 questions for you and the nominees once you’ve looked up the award/what it means if you wish to participate.

        1. What is your fav colour
        2. How old are you
        3. What is your fav genre to read
        4. describe where you are reading this post right now
        5. Where would your ideal holiday destination be
        6. describe yourself in 5 words ONLY
        7. How and why did you start writing
        8. What is your fav time of year
        9. City or countryside?
        10. What is your fav season of the year
        11. Tell me a random fact about you

        Hope all I nominated participate.

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  1. What else I can say if you have got compliments from Romance Authore itself. I truly enjoyed your story. Butterfly feelings and romance are always welcome. And as Kim said it’s always a pleasure to read from a man’s point of view, when a reader is a girl/woman.
    Good use of prompt sentence and congrats for completing challenge no.1💐😇

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