Cowardice Acts Of Shame

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The cowardice acts of people who assume power and their lack of bravery to do right by humanity. 


Cowardice Acts Of Shame

The presentation of the short stick.

When your own sells you out

Merely means they were never yours in the first place

Remember who killed Malcolm.

Never forget who set the climate.

The pattern of the hurricane sets the tone

Attitude reflects leadership
Dice gently placed upon her forehead
Moves in secret
Decisions made days, weeks, if not years before
Can’t wait to fire
Can’t wait to hire
Make her nipples hard

The most disrespected
The most unprotected
The most neglected
The root of man
The Black Women

Heavens betrayal
It was on a Thursday
She was serving drinks
But I wasn’t thirsty

Unfiltered water
Offered to drink
Didn’t know any better
What to think
You can’t love the leaf
And hate the tree
Ask what’s wrong
Then abandon me

Why can’t you see the root
My belly button
Confirms your connection

Two sorry phucks can’t find their own shit with both hands
Turning horse shyt into diamonds


Cowardice Acts Of Shame

Vet gets the job
Slow, geriatric
Writes nothing down
But gets the nod

It’s A Black Thing

How to train
Your dragon
Quality assurance
Rounds never done

Disrespectful placement
Learning curve challenge
Work load increases
A way of pushing the unwanted out

Welcome to the dead zone
Where older folks
Get their groove on
Tired bones seats the chair

Feet hurt and exhausted
After doing most of the work
Nobody cares
Laugher in the background

Behind the scenes preparation nothing is by chance
All pre-planned
Somebody knows something

Time to think differently
Plan for a new day

7 strippers on a pole
Tips divided
One bad bitch
Leads them all

How does the Christmas bonus work
The end of the year reward
When he eats errrbody feast
His worth’s taken for granted

It’s not complicated
It’s plain and simple
The one with a dimple
Has a target on his head

Not a house cat

Snap da necks of rats

Born a alley kat

Just keep’n it real

In da field

Got no problem

Telling you how I feel




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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