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Half In The Bag

He was already half in the bag when I tripped over him laying, spreaded out across the kitchen floor with a bottle of Brass Monkey wrapped in a brown paper bag sticking out his back pocket of his favorite faded blue jeans. (Come to think about it he only owned one pair). He was mumbling

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I Ain’t No Joke

  He who has the greatest truth must also have the greatest love for it is the greatest proof. People don’t care how much you know.  They want to know how much you care. – I Ain’t No Joke Just so you know this is finger food to me. The goal of poetry is to

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Sweet Secretion

When you love something so much and you can’t get enough. Sweet Secretion The symptom of her love was free flowing, enchanting and delightful Someone who had to have been heaven sent Truly, a beautiful experience to behold and cherish  The taste of the Queens’ sweet secretion of nectar Became my personal delicious chosen cup

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