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An Impressive Gathering & Collection

An Impressive Gathering & Collection Police and military’s impressive presences. A beautiful array of flowers. No one’s collection is greater. One splendid display of unity. People from all walks of life participated. Liturgy forms of ritual ceremonial services. You would marvel at the powerful priceless sight of its magnificence. Harlem,   Heaven is at the foot

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Staying The Course

When you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence just Because he’s a human strip pole equip with six pack abs and 10 inches of hard steel. Staying The Course When she still wears his ring but gave up on the relationship a long time ago only prove one thing.

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The Sanctuary of Ignorance

Nothing is more dramatic and dangerous than a man with no hope along with the forever rising crisis of his family and community.   One should admire the effort to overcome all obstacles. How the invisible clock of a people no longer ticks nor does it spell the time. When the sanctuary of life and

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