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Hidden Colors: While Eating Shrimp

There’s a direct relationship between going to prison, owning businesses, and corporations. Knowing the difference when calling it scrimp while eating shrimp, is priceless.    Build your castle one floor at a time.  1st Floor: Businesses & Industries = Economics There’s a direct relationship between having a business and being in prison. Go and find 7-8 Asians

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Sweet Young Love

Young Women & Older Women Nah, nicca I’m an ole man.  Getting money and having sex is everything.  At this point and time what do I look like tryin to phuck wit a chick my age? That’s like forcing two fat people to be together. Have you ever seen two big people sit together in

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Are you on your job? Are you willing to go the extra mile for your career? While in an interview a person will be on their best behavior. From the very beginning they will dress to impress, smile and appear alert. You make sure you get that fresh hair cut because you must be on

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