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A Glimmer Of Hope

Girlfriend brought a whole new meaning to “We Sick” to the doctors office.  When she sneezed it was I who caught the cold.  Needless to say, I was left standing, freezing in the North Dakota wind holding the ole carrot from a memory of what could have been.  As a child, I didn’t understand.  Now I

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Behind The Imagination: Her Sacred Seat

All acts of life begin with the imagination.   The Author of Her Universe. Thoughts manifested into words which created a particular character, place and thing. Its actions became a habit or a way of life which unfolded onto itself and ultimately became it’s destiny. No Words Can Explain It’s Greatness. Behind The Imagination: Her Sacred  Seat Behold our Creator’s work of art; the

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What is Your Why?

Nothing great is achieved until you step outside your comfort zone.  It was a painful and shameful experience being a four time loser.  Her unsettling gesture of disapproval.  The needless suffering of children…  Another fatherless household.   Years ago, while living in New York and thinking I was a man when in reality I was functioning like

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