Tag: Loser

Foolish Thinking

Some situations are not meant for you to change. Some situations are meant to change you. Neva eva chase after anyone that’s not chasing after you. Knowing your worth is most important. Don’t cry ova someone/something that doesn’t belong to you. They’ll never know the true value of your tears. Never hold on to anyone

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Dear God…

Dear God What have you placed in my hands? Please help me understand why I am the way that I am. I have so much room for improvement. I’m in desperate need to have you close to me… Why am I a horrible father? Why was I a horrible husband? Why am I a poor

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This Awesome Power

You’ve captured God and placed her inside of a bottle high upon a shelf out of reach and out of sight from others.  The root is hidden in plain sight.  People only view the tree.  She is the most important factor; the main ingredient which is absent from your offering. You’ve burglarized and burnt down our

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