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Gluttonous Maximus: Who Ate My Chili?

 “Excuse me Sir. Please drop the candy bar and slowly back away from the small child”.     Gluttonous Maximus: Who Ate My Chili? So you’re gonna let me vent right?  Check this out. I can’t mention his name but maybe by chance you’ll figure it out but for now we’ll just call him “Tiny”.  To tell

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The Making of A Monster Part 1: Jack Frost Binder

Eating and living unhealthy became his twisted way to recharge his biblical battery. Meanwhile, the spirit that housed this vessel as a living testament was absent and vacated the premises a long time ago. Pastor didn’t bother to finish the half eaten sandwich he left on the coffee table. Nor did he brush off the

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Driving Mz Hazel

After Mz. Hazel left Brutha couldn’t get her out of his mind. He wanted to send for her return. I want to take off her clothes, place her on the bed and go low, lick her entire body real slow, and taste all of her sweetness. Driving Mz Hazel When she met him she was

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