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Voices of Monsters Under My Bed

Of all the things I could have been but came up short. So many shattered dreams ultimately became my fault. No time to dream. Things aren’t what it seem. My shortcut mentality only registered short term results. Maybe one day I’d find the courage to plan better instead of dwelling on what should have been

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The Sanctuary of Ignorance

Nothing is more dramatic and dangerous than a man with no hope along with the forever rising crisis of his family and community.   One should admire the effort to overcome all obstacles. How the invisible clock of a people no longer ticks nor does it spell the time. When the sanctuary of life and

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The Making of A Monster Part 1: Jack Frost Binder

Eating and living unhealthy became his twisted way to recharge his biblical battery. Meanwhile, the spirit that housed this vessel as a living testament was absent and vacated the premises a long time ago. Pastor didn’t bother to finish the half eaten sandwich he left on the coffee table. Nor did he brush off the

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