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Allan Brown: You Are Loved

 Some people are born to change the lives of others.  Allan Brown was that man and he did it effortlessly.  Allan Brown: You Are Loved If you ever met him you would never forget him.  Big Al, a poised speaker whom walked softly and possessed a gentle surgeons touch.  A deity holding a camera. A muse

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Driving Mz Hazel

After Mz. Hazel left Brutha couldn’t get her out of his mind. He wanted to send for her return. I want to take off her clothes, place her on the bed and go low, lick her entire body real slow, and taste all of her sweetness. Driving Mz Hazel When she met him she was

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Girl He’s Fine

When lust gets the best of her after discovering how long the line is at the Kandi Shop. How eye candy can be full of poison which blurs the vision leaving false hope and a fine child. One should study the ingredients and watch their sugar intake before feeding it to their soul. Girl He’s Fine

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