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Sweet Young Love

Young Women & Older Women Nah, nicca I’m an ole man.  Getting money and having sex is everything.  At this point and time what do I look like tryin to phuck wit a chick my age? That’s like forcing two fat people to be together. Have you ever seen two big people sit together in

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Mr. Charlie

The year that past retraced its steps…   Welcome to the wonderful world of Grey where life is suspended and issues are placed into a microwave then dumped in a sink. Watch the dirty plates dance and wash themselves as the food circle around the drain only to later disappear then suddenly reappear on the

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There’s never a wrong time for the right person. Asszilla Her dream was to have a wife and a husband. Since society isn’t ready for that kind of shyt she settled with just having a husband and a best friend, on the side. Brutha licked his lips and extended his olive branch to her then placed his order

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