Category: What’s Written On Your Forehead?

Foolish Thinking

Some situations are not meant for you to change. Some situations are meant to change you. Neva eva chase after anyone that’s not chasing after you. Knowing your worth is most important. Don’t cry ova someone/something that doesn’t belong to you. They’ll never know the true value of your tears. Never hold on to anyone

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Tre Crinack

I often wonder about the monotonous lifestyle some people live and encounter. I consciously ponder more about women that inherit Sisyphus Lot and how heavy the weight of reality must have been for my neighbor Tracey, a single mother of three and pregnant, again. This woman played a vital role in my youth from a

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Saddle Up Baby

He was cool and smooth when you met him right? And you knew he was already with someone else. Ring or no ring he told you the deal. Yet you still played the game. You heard him loud and clear but you decided to ignore the most important part. You had seen him from a

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