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Lyfe’s Struggle

Brutha is guilty.  He shuts people out not realizing that he is actually closing the door on himself, mashing the fingers of love. It’s your struggle, own it.  Embrace your destiny; the inner purpose of your life that can be discovered and realized. I’d rather fail at what I love until I get it right.

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The Gucci Playboi

Love Baby Gurl from your heart. The expression that appears on Honey’s face make the gesture worth the effort. The moment you walk through the door is truly priceless. Just think about the love Sweetie will make and the many different ways Lady will thank you for thinking about her in such a way. The joy it will bring to know

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Champagne Poppin

Honey is talented, fearless, passionate about the world and her art.  Champagne Poppin However, Brutha can’t forget how he met sistah.  She was on the outside looking in.  He had made his moves and living working in the music industry.  During the past few years Brutha is no longer apart of the industry, relocated to Atlanta and has placed his

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